What Happened To Phoenix Coldon: Where Is Phoenix Coldon?

People are curious about the disappearance of Phoenix Coldon. This article explains the details surrounding Phoenix Coldon’s disappearance at 23 years old.

What happened to Phoenix Coldon?”

Phoenix Coldon, a 23 year-old girl from Spanish Lake, Missouri disappeared without a trace on December 18, 2011. Her parents were devastated by her disappearance and have been looking for her since.

Phoenix’s parents are expressing concerns about the manner in which the investigation was handled. They claim that Phoenix’s disappearance was not taken seriously by the authorities, and that critical evidence was ignored.

Phoenix’s parents and community tried their best, but there were no leads. Phoenix was not seen in her car when it was discovered abandoned in East St. Louis. Since her disappearance, her phone and bank accounts were not accessed and no sightings have been reported.

Phoenix’s parents spent their own money, even opening their home up as a command centre for volunteers and search parties. They tirelessly pursued leads and kept the public informed about Phoenix’s case in hopes that someone might come forward with any information that could help her return home.

Phoenix’s parents find it increasingly difficult to believe that their daughter will ever be found alive. They refuse to give in and will continue to search for Phoenix until they find answers.

Who is Phoenix Coldon

Phoenix Coldon was a young girl from Phoenix Reeves California. She had a bright future. After her parents’ death, her family moved to Missouri to take care of her mother. She was adopted by Lawrence Coldon, who later became Phoenix Coldon.

Phoenix received her education mostly via homeschooling. Phoenix was an accomplished musician who played many instruments and won the title of junior fencing champion. Her parents were proud of her accomplishments and supported her in all her endeavors.

Phoenix’s tragic end result was that she disappeared on December 18, 2011. Phoenix was last seen leaving her home in St. Louis with her car parked outside her family’s house. Her parents reported her missing after they discovered her car still running and abandoned. Phoenix wasn’t there. Her glasses and phone were still inside.

This case attracted national attention. Law enforcement agencies and the community worked tirelessly to locate her. Phoenix’ disappearance is still a mystery to this day. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

Her family is determined to find her, despite the lack of any answers. They are still searching for Phoenix. Her story has led to discussions about missing persons cases, and the importance raising awareness about these cases.

Was Phoenix Coldon ever found?

Since December 18, 2011, Phoenix Coldon’s disappearance remains a mystery. Since December 18, 2011, the circumstances surrounding Phoenix Coldon’s disappearance have become more complicated. Her family is left with more questions than answers. Phoenix’s location remains unknown despite the efforts of private investigators and law enforcement agencies.

The lack of information about Phoenix’s car is one of the most puzzling aspects in the case. Her family claims that Phoenix’s car was abandoned in East St. Louis, a crime-ridden neighborhood. The police claimed that the car was empty and they never took inventory.

Phoenix’s friends and family have raised concerns about the lack of thorough police investigation. They are critical of how the police handled the case and feel that there could have been more done to locate Phoenix. They also expressed dissatisfaction at the lack of media attention to the case.

Her family turned to social media to raise awareness and keep Phoenix’s case in the public eye. They created a YouTube channel named “Find Phoenix Coldon” to keep the public informed and to update the case.

In some ways, the family’s efforts paid off as the case gained more attention over time. In 2018, Oxygen, a cable TV network that focuses exclusively on true crime stories, made a special about Phoenix’s case. The special, “The Disappearance Of Phoenix Coldon,” helped generate leads and national attention to the case.

Is Phoenix Coldon still missing?

The world of the Coldon family was turned upside down on December 18, 2011 when Phoenix, their 23-year old daughter, fled their Spanish Lake, Missouri home and never came back. Her disappearance remains a mystery, leaving friends and family with many unanswered queries.

Phoenix was a talented and intelligent young woman. She earned a degree at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and had a passion for music. She had big plans for her future, and was well-known for her determination and strong work ethic. Her parents described her as a “homebody”, who seldom went out at night, and who kept in touch with her family. Her sudden disappearance was therefore completely outlandish.

Phoenix vanished in her 1998 Chevy Blazer when she went out to get some groceries. Her family assumed she was just going to visit a friend or run some errands. They didn’t even think about it. They became suspicious when she didn’t return home on that night and filed a missing persons report with the police.

Phoenix’s car was discovered abandoned in East St. Louis, Illinois the next day. It was only 25 minutes from Phoenix’s home. The engine was still running, and the driver’s side door was opened. Phoenix had her keys in the ignition. Her wallet and glasses were also inside the car. However, her laptop and cell phone were missing.

Phoenix was not found in the area where she was discovered. The police searched the area but couldn’t find any evidence or clues. Phoenix’s relatives and friends were also interviewed by police, but they had no idea of what might have happened. Some thought she might have been a victim to foul play while others thought she may have left on her own.

Her family has been searching for answers since Phoenix disappeared. Although they have organized search parties and distributed flyers, as well as hired a private investigator to investigate, nothing has been found. For any information leading to Phoenix, a reward of $40,000 has been offered.

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