What Happened To Pablo Francisco: Who Is Pablo Francisco?

Pablo Francisco was taken away in an ambulance following his Sacramento performance in 2017 manifesting distress and displaying unusual behavior. The following show was cancelled because of illness, and Francisco apology for his actions.

What Happened To Pablo Francisco?

In 2017, at an evening of comedy in Sacramento comic Pablo Francisco experienced a troubling incident. Witnesses including the fan Joe Decker, reported that Francisco was exhibiting strange behavior, frequently speaking in a non-sensical manner and then being thrown off stage. A few videos on the internet suggested Francisco was possibly in a state of drug dependence and the audience was witness to an apparent 15-minute battle.

Francisco was later taken to a stretcher, and transferred to the hospital in an ambulance. In the aftermath, Punch Line Sacramento, where the show took place announced a statement cancelling Francisco’s appearance owing to illness. Tickets refunds being offered. Francisco apologized later via social media, expressing regret for the incident and promising to take a break and recuperate. Fans expressed concern about his health and expressed hope for his return on stage in better health.

Who is Pablo Francisco?

Pablo Francisco, born on January 4, 1974 located in Tucson, Arizona, is an American stand-up comic who is famous for his comedic skills in surreal and impressions. In the entertainment industry since 1994, he has earned fame for his appearances on shows such as MADtv as well as Comedy Central Presents.

Pablo often weaves humor that is related with Latin American culture, everyday life, and films in his shows. In a career that spans more than a decade and counting, he is still able to entertain viewers with his distinctive comedic style. You can learn more details about the actor on his website: pablofrancisco.com.

Full NamePablo Ridson Francisco
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1974
BirthplaceTucson, Arizona, U.S.
MediumTelevision, stand-up
GenresImpressions Surreal humor, impressions

Pablo Francisco Age

Pablo Francisco, born on January 4 1974, is fifty years old. The American comedian actor, writer, and actor has been in the world of entertainment since 1994. He has been recognized for his stand-up comedy as well as television appearances.

Famous for his distinctive style that combines impressions and absurd humor, Francisco has contributed to shows such as MADtv as well as Comedy Central Presents. Through a long career that spans more than a decade and counting, he continues to entertain viewers with his hilarious abilities, and brings laughter to people all over the world.

Pablo Francisco Nationality

Pablo Ridson Francisco is an American actor, comedian and writer. The country of his birth is American and indicates that he’s a citizen from America. United States. Through his entire career that began with the year 1994. Francisco displayed his comic talents in stand-up comedy and TV appearances, earning fame for his impressions and surreal comedy.

Despite the challenges of citing sources and the reliance on one author in his bio Francisco’s contributions to comedy particularly in shows such as MADtv as well as Comedy Central Presents, highlight his contribution to the American entertainment industry.

Pablo Francisco Career

Pablo Francisco is an American comedian actor, writer, and actor recognized for his active career. In the early 1990s the comedian became famous as a regular on MADtv. The stand-up comedian received wide praise after being featured in an hour-long special in Comedy Central Presents during 2000. Participating in “The Three Amigos” tour with Carlos Mencia and Freddy Soto in 2001 and 2002 made him more popular.

Francisco performed his comedic skills on prestigious platforms like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and VH1’s ILL-ustrated Mind of Mencia, and Frank TV. He is renowned for his amazing vocal impressions, he plays various celebrities and also incorporates sound effects, characters’ voices and beatboxing into his performance.

His set during his show at the Irvine Spectrum Center Improv was recorded and made available as”Bits and Parts,” which was released on DVD “Bits and Pieces,” while his stand-up material earned an appearance in Comedy Central’s animated show Shorties”Watchin’ Shorties.

Pablo Francisco Discography

Album TitleRelease Year
Knee to the Groin1997

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