What Happened to Mia Janin: Who Is Mia Janin?

The inquest of Mia Janin, 14, a student who took her own life after being cyberbullied at the Jewish Free School, London, exposes disturbing details about bullying, raising concern over the effects of online harassment on young people.

What happened to Mia Janin

Mia Janin took her life after alleged cyberbullying. She was a 14-year old student at the Jewish Free School in London. Mia Janin was reported to have been the victim of online and physical bullying by boys at JFS.

According to reports, the boys operated a Snapchat Group called “Panacha” where they shared phony nude photos of girls and mocked them. Mia was bullied for three years before she made the devastating decision to take her own life in March 2021.

The Barnet Coroner’s Court revealed distressing details about Mia’s experience, including how the boys created derogatory nicknames for their targets like “suicide team”. Mia was also faced with additional challenges after she posted a TikTok clip criticizing bullies. This resulted in negative comments.

Despite the concerns raised by Mia’s parents with the JFS staff about the three-year campaign of bullying, the school denied knowing anything. In recent inquest proceedings as of January 22, 2020, Mia’s classmates believed that the bullying was obvious enough for the teachers and staff to know, but the school maintained their position.

According to reports, the school requested that Panacha be deleted. The inquest is currently investigating the role played by the school to address the concerns raised by Mia’s parents about bullying.

Mariano Janin shared details of Mia’s last night during the inquest. Mia had a tough week after only one day of school. This led to discussions about leaving JFS.

Her parents were worried about Mia’s suffering and considered homeschooling. Inquests like this one brought to light the tragic circumstances of Mia and the difficulties she faced. Mia’s story highlights the consequences of cyberbullying that go unchecked. It also prompts a wider discussion on the responsibility of society and schools to prevent and address such incidents.

JFS, despite claims made by Mia’s close friends, denies prior knowledge of the incident. Inquests revealed that Rabbi Howard Cohen, former deputy headteacher of the school, had acknowledged a boys’-only group which shared images of girls. He took action to disband this group following Mia’s tragic loss.

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