What Happened to Luke Laidley: Where Is Luke Laidley Now?

What happened to Luke Laidley? Luke Laidley, a 9/11 survivor who drowned in Lake Michigan trying to save a young child.

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What happened to Luke Laidley?

Luke Laidley drowned tragically in Lake Michigan, a resident from Winnetka on Tuesday, 4 July. He was trying to rescue a group children in danger who were tubing near shore. Laidley jumped into the water after a child fell off the tubing boat being pulled by the boat.

He was however swept away and never resurfaced by strong currents. Laidley was rescued from the water by emergency responders and taken to a hospital where he tried to save his own life.

He was unfortunately pronounced dead in the hospital. No foul play was suspected. The incident, which occurred around 12:23 pm, was reported to authorities. Luke Laidley who was the Director of Institutional Sales lost his life tragically while trying to help the children in danger on Lake Michigan.

What was Luke Laidley like?

Luke Laidley, 43, was a family man who is survived by his wife Lauren and their three children. He began his career with Morgan Stanley after graduating from Boston College. On his second day at work, he was tragically affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11 on the World Trade Center.

Even though he was able to escape safely, many of his co-workers lost their lives. Laidley’s life was forever changed by this experience, which led him to adopt a different perspective on life.

He understood the importance of selfless giving and appreciating his blessings. Luke moved to Chicago where he pursued his finance career and met Lauren. He was described as a positive and radiant individual who lived a life of service and purpose.

Luke Laidley Obituary

Luke Graham Laidley was born on September 14, 1978. He tragically died on July 4, 2023 at the age 43. Luke Graham Laidley was the fifth child born to Forrest and Diane Laidley. He and his five siblings were raised in Libertyville.

He grew up as a boy in the northern suburbs, where he discovered his love of sports and developed a strong faith. Luke attended Carmel Catholic High School, Mundelein. He then pursued higher education at Boston College where he adopted the philosophy of service to others.

Luke began his career after graduating from college with a Finance degree. He joined Morgan Stanley at age 21 in New York City. Luke was tragically affected by the events of 9/11 on his second workday.

Luke was at the epicenter when the terrorist attack took place in Tower 2 of World Trade Center. He miraculously survived, having escaped from the 61st-floor. He was deeply affected by the loss of his Morgan Stanley co-workers, which shaped his outlook on life.

Luke’s experience of almost dying on 9/11 has instilled a deep appreciation for life and a dedication to selflessness. In his own words he encouraged other people to count their blessings and give without expecting any return.

After the tragedy, Luke moved to Chicago where he established a successful finance career. He found happiness and meaning in coaching high-school football at Carmel Catholic Academy and Loyola Academy.

Luke’s family was his greatest joy and pride throughout his life. Lauren Damico was his love and they spent nearly a decade together in blissful marriage. Luke and Lauren have three beautiful children, Lucas (7), Vivian (5), and Logan (3).

The family found a supportive and loving community at the Faith Hope and Charity Catholic Parish in Winnetka. They actively participated in parish activities and enrolled their kids in school.

Luke’s infectious laugh, his unwavering optimism, and his resilient spirit touched everyone he met. He was a devoted father and husband who lived by the values of love, compassion and leadership.

Luke’s selflessness and genuine care extended far beyond his immediate family. He became a beloved uncle, brother and son-in law to his extended family. His impact was immense, and he left a legacy of kindness and inspiration.

Luke’s unwavering dedication to helping others was again tested on July 4, 2023. He bravely jumped in the water while enjoying a lake Michigan day to rescue children whose tube had flipped.

Luke tragically lost his life as a result of his heroic selflessness. After his death, Luke’s spirit of sacrifice and giving continued as he donated organs to give others the gift of life.

Luke Graham Laidley is deeply missed by his wife Lauren and their three children, Lucas, Vivian and Logan. He is survived his parents Forrest and Diane Laidley and his siblings Mary Sachs (Roland), Jeanne Whirry(Steve), Michael Laidley(Kathryn), Anne Sondalle(Craig), Maurziemann Ziemann(Brandon).

Luke was a beloved son-in law of Joseph and Pamela Damico, and a dearly loved brother-inlaw of Lindsay Bianco(Joseph), and Joseph Damico(Christine). His memory will be carried on by his 17 nieces and nephews.

On Saturday, July 15, a Funeral Mass will take place at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Libertyville. Family, friends and community members will gather to honor and celebrate Luke’s life. Visitation will be held at McMurrough Funeral Chapel on Friday, 14th July, between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm, prior to the Mass.

Luke Laidley’s legacy will be that of a hero, who led a purposeful life and served others with love and sacrifice. His legacy will inspire future generations.

What did Luke Laidley do?

Luke Laidley lived a life marked by remarkable resilience and selflessness. He was dedicated to helping others. He began his career at Morgan Stanley, New York City after graduating with a Finance degree from Boston College.

On his second day at work, he tragically found himself in the middle of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Luke was able to survive the horrific experience and emerge from Tower Two at the World Trade Center.

This event changed his life forever, and inspired him to live every day with gratitude. He also learned to give without expecting anything back. Luke returned to Chicago after 9/11 and pursued a career in finance. Luke also devoted his time to coaching football at Carmel Catholic Academy and Loyola Academy.

His most treasured accomplishments were his roles as a loving spouse to Lauren and a dedicated father to their children, Lucas, Vivian and Logan. Luke’s passion was his family. He embraced parenthood and the responsibilities with love and devotion.

Luke’s influence extended beyond his immediate relatives. Luke was a beloved son-in law, brother and uncle. His infectious smile and positive attitude touched the hearts and minds of all who knew him.

Luke’s experiences and survival of 9/11 led him to inspire others with compassion, love, leadership, and inspiration. On July 4, 2023 his unwavering dedication to helping others was tragically demonstrated when he put himself in danger to try to save children in distress in Lake Michigan.

Luke Laidley is a true hero. His life was a testament to the idea that true happiness comes from giving of oneself and helping others. Luke’s legacy continues to inspire others to have a sense of purpose, to be grateful, and to serve their communities.

How did Luke Laidley save the kids?

Luke Laidley showed extraordinary courage on the fateful July 4th, 2023 when he tried to rescue children who were in danger. Luke Laidley was boating on Lake Michigan near Centennial Park Beach when the tube he was towing flipped. This put multiple children in danger. Luke did not hesitate to jump into the water and rescue the children, despite the dangers of the currents.

Luke’s quick action allowed him to reach and help the children in need. Luke’s heroic efforts were not enough to save him from the powerful currents which swept him off.

Other boaters were able pull him back aboard and began CPR immediately. Luke was rushed to hospital in a serious condition. Tragically, he died a few hours later.

Luke Laidley’s act of selflessness in risking his life to save children is a testament to the courage and love he has for others. It also shows his willingness to go beyond what was expected to help those who are in need.

His actions that day reflect his philosophy to give without expecting anything back and become part of something bigger. Luke’s sacrifice is a true act of heroism.

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