What Happened to Kit in Top Boy: Why Is Jamie Kill Kit?

What happened to Kit What happened to Kit Top Boy? Find out the shocking story that befell Kit on the set of “Top Boy” and find out why Jamie as played as portrayed by Kadeem Ramsay, decided to take a tragic and shocking direction in the form of murder.

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Top Boy

“Top Boy” is an British crime drama on television created by and created by Ronan Bennett. It is set within the fictitious Summerhouse estate, which is located within Hackney, the London Borough of Hackney. The show follows life of the two key characters: Dushane who is who is played by Ashley Walters, and Sully who is played by Kane Robinson. They are both involved in the illicit drug trade and are navigating the complexities of gang violence as well as criminal activities in London.

The original show comprised 26 episodes spread across four series. The initial two series comprising the same four episodes aired by Channel 4. The first series aired for four nights on consecutive nights between November and October of 2011, and the second series aired from August until September 2013. Despite plans for a new show, Channel 4 dropped the show in 2014.

A notable revival, the show found new life after attracting the attention by Canadian musician Drake. In 2017 it was revealed that Netflix will be bringing back “Top Boy”” featuring Ashley Walters, Kane Robinson as well as the original cast back to play their characters. Drake and his team assumed the role of executive producers for the show. The series’ third and fourth seasons were released at Netflix on September 19, 2019 and in March 20, 2022 respectively.

The two series were released in the form of the initial and the second series that comprised The Netflix revival, and the earlier two shows were added on Netflix under the name “Top Boy Summerhouse.” The fifth and final season that was produced by Netflix was renewed and launched in September 2023. It marked the end of this intense and thrilling crime-drama.

What happened to Kit the Kit Top Boy?

In the TV show “Top Boy,”” Kit, a character who was Jamie Tovell’s closest friend has a dramatic tragic and tragic ending. Kit’s story is told in the fourth episode and ended in a tragic sequence of events. When Jamie’s demise, Kit was no longer alive. Kit was dead before the events that led to Jamie’s death.

The circumstances that led to Kit’s death are interwoven with the complicated world of gang and drug-related conflicts that are depicted in the show. The death of Kit was probably an event of great significance which played a part in the growing tensions and incidents that eventually caused the tragic loss of Jamie Tovell and left Stefan his younger brother, Jamie’s who was left to care for his dead body in their house in Summerhouse.

Why is Jamie Kill Kit?

In the television series “Top Boy,”” Jamie’s determination to take down Kit is influenced by a complex set of motives and events. After Jamie joins Dushane and gets involved in the trade of drugs and is taken to Morocco to create new connections to supply drugs. But, despite the fact that Dushane is unaware of it, Jamie secretly plans to betray Dushane. This is a major cause that leads Sully to question Jamie’s loyalties and motives.

To challenge Jamie’s loyalty, and show his ruthlessness, Dushane tells him to murder his closest friend, Kit in an act to retaliate for the murder of Dexter. Jamie does carry out the gruesome task, which proves to Sully the extent to which ruthless the man is. In addition, Jamie’s gang has previously tried to murder Sully in the Summerhouse conflict in the show and is still a tension and suspicion.

The motives behind Jamie’s actions could be motivated by his desire to secure his own future. Dushane views Jamie as part of their “retirement strategy,” suggesting that they can escape the trap of crime and make a living from the money. Yet, Sully is skeptical, and may view Jamie’s plans as an attack on their relationship. Furthermore, personal demons and guilt over Sully’s previous actions, including the murder of Dris and the murder of Dris, could be a factor in Sully’s decision to eliminate Jamie. To fully understand the complexities of Jamie’s motives and the consequences of his actions viewers must check out the final episode of “Top Boy.”

Kit Role as in Top Boy

In the television series “Top Boy,”” Kit is a character with a complex and substantial storyline, especially during Seasons 3, and four. Kit is depicted in the role of a key antagonist, and the second-in command to Jamie Tovell, the leader of the ZT (Zero Tolerance) crew. Kit’s devotion to Jamie is never wavering and he is a staunch supporter of Jamie throughout his ventures, without reservation. Their close bond, defined by their love of Kit Kats and in the vein the characters from Grand Theft Auto’s CJ and Big Smoke as well, is the main focus to the story.

Kit’s character becomes more prominent during the season 3 as Kit and Jamie together their crew members, get involved in conflicts with rival gangs. This includes the Turkish group. When Jamie assumes the leadership role from Layton and joins forces with Lizzie the Irish drug dealer, Kit follows him into an aggressive battle with Turkish group, further increasing the tensions within Summerhouse.

As the series develops Kit’s devotion to Jamie is never wavering. Eventually, Kit becomes a major player in the power struggle in the drug industry. Kit is opposed to returning Modie an ex-gang member who escapes from prison and tries to take back control. Kit’s loyalty to Jamie is test when he is forced to navigate these dangerous situations and attempts to safeguard Jamie’s interests.

Kit’s involvement takes on a darker twist when he orders the execution of an assault on Ats who betrayed Jamie along with his brother. The attack ends in Ats dying, which prompts Kit to team up with the Summerhouse team to track down Ats murderer. In the face of pressure by Summerhouse group, Kit is forced to take down Dexter the gang’s own as they search for Ats killer.

The climax of Kit’s story is when Jamie is compelled by Dushane to kill Kit is plotting to murder Kit for directing attacks on Ats. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Jamie is able to turn on Kit and accosts the man, killing him in the car, immediately killing him. “Top Boy” is the story that Kit tells “Top Boy” is a story that revolves around themes of betrayal, loyalty, and the brutality of the criminal underworld the characters live in.

Who plays Kit on Top Boy?

In the TV show “Top Boy,”” Kit, the Kit character Kit is played by British actor Kadeem Ramsay. Kadeem Ramsay is famous for his diverse acting career that began in 2012. He has appeared in television and film shows, showcasing his talents and versatility as an actor.

Kadeem Ramsay’s portrayal as Kit as Kit in “Top Boy” is a major aspect of his acting resume and has attracted recognition for his performance in the show. Beyond “Top Boy,”” Kadeem Ramsay has also been featured in other notable productions like “My Brother The Devil,”” “Sex Education,”” as well as “In the long run.” His involvement in projects such as “Small Axe” adds to his growing popularity on the scene of film and television.

Kadeem Ramsay Biography

Kadeem Ramsay is an gifted British actor who is known for his many roles in both television and film. He has made an impressive contribution to the world of entertainment. Kadeem’s acting career took off in 2012 and ever since he has graced the small and large screen with his acting skills.

Nick NameKadeem
Full NameKadeem Ramsay
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
Net WorthUSD $1 million approximately

Kadeem Ramsay Personal Life of Kadeem Ramsay

Kadeem Ramsay’s private life is rather private, with very little details available regarding his parents, family members and siblings as well as relationships. It is apparent Kadeem Ramsay’s character has decided to keep his life private and keep particulars of his life out of the public’s eye.

This degree of privacy is common among those working in the entertainment industry, who are more focused on their work while maintaining an equivalence between their personal and professional lives. Therefore, the specifics of Kadeem Ramsay’s background in the family as well as his siblings and romantic relationships aren’t generally known since Ramsay seems to keep his private lives as an intimate one.

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