What Happened to Jamal Edwards: Is Jamal Edwards Die?

What happened to Jamal Edwards? Learn more about Jamal Edwards, the music entrepreneur that gave Sheeran’s first big break.

What is Jamal Edwards all about?

Jamal Edwards, MBE was born in England on 24 August 1990. He is a music entrepreneur and DJ. He founded the online R&B/Hip-Hop channel SB.TV. He was born in Luton and moved later to Acton West London with his mother Brenda Edwards and stepfather Patrick. Edwards’s family is from Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

Edwards was exposed to the entertainment business at a young age by his mother who placed fourth in The X Factor’s second series in 2005. Edwards’ passion for music was sparked by his mother, who encouraged him to study acting and drama. Edwards attended Acton High School where he excelled in ICT and music.

He struggled to get the grades required for college but eventually enrolled at Ealing College, a part of West London College. There he obtained a BTEC Diploma in Media Moving Image. Edwards started rapping with his friends and making videos, which he then uploaded to YouTube, during his school days. SBTV was born out of these videos. Edwards, who ran SBTV for four years, also worked as a retail manager at Topman to help him financially.

SBTV is an online platform launched in 2006. It played a key role in discovering new artists. The platform has launched the careers of many musicians including Ed Sheeran and Jessie J. As of 2019, the SBTV YouTube channel has over one million subscribers.

Edwards, who initially focused on grime music and dance, expanded SBTV to include other musical genres. Edwards filmed and featured musicians such as Stormzy Ed Sheeran Dave Emeli Ande Rita Ora Krept & Konan Mic Righteous Nines Tori Kelly Bugzy Malone Mist English Frank Aaron Unknown Cadet. Edwards’s SBTV work caught the attention Dr. Dre who invited him to join him on a filming tour in Asia.

SBTV partnered with Press Association, a youth-focused media service in 2016, to create a multichannel video platform for the mainstream. Edwards has conducted numerous interviews over the course of his career with stars such as Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khlifa. He is known for being the first UK-based online interviewer with these artists. Jamal Edwards received an MBE for his contribution to music.

What happened to Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards, who had taken cocaine and consumed alcohol in February 2022, died of a sudden heart attack. Three small snap-lock bags with small amounts of white powder on Jamal Edwards’ person were discovered after he collapsed. Ivor Collett, assistant West London coroner, concluded that Edwards died due to a heart attack caused by cocaine and alcohol consumption.

He died on Sunday 20th February 2022. Brenda Edwards expressed her deep grief for Jamal and called him a “beautiful, selfless person.” Brenda Edwards, Jamal’s mother, expressed her deep grief and described him as a “beautiful and selfless person.”

YouTube’s official page acknowledged Jamal as a cultural influencer and an artist who inspired artists through SBTV. George the Poet, a renowned spoken word artist, expressed his gratitude for Jamal and credited him with the success of several careers. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, lamented Jamal’s passing. He credited him with the success of many careers.

Twitter was used to express their sadness, and Jamal’s contributions to British culture and music were recognized. This ensured that his legacy would endure. The Mobo Awards extended their condolences during this difficult period to Jamal’s friends and family.

What caused Jamal Edwards’ death?

Jamal Edwards was a music entrepreneur who founded the music platform SBTV back in 2006. He died in February 2022, at the age of just 31. Edwards was instrumental in the launch of Ed Sheeran’s career through SBTV. Jamal Edwards died tragically at the home of his mother in Acton, London due to an arrhythmia triggered by recreational drugs.

In the beginning, his friends and family claimed that he died of a “sudden cardiac arrest” or a “sudden sickness,” without mentioning any drugs. Edwards was DJing the night before he died at a north London gig. Celebrities and prominent figures responded to the news of Edwards’ death by sharing their own statements.

Lady Leshurr who worked with Edwards at SBTV expressed her sadness and highlighted Edwards’ role in giving talent opportunities from Birmingham to London. She stressed the importance of keeping Edwards’ name and brand alive. An inquest on Jamal Edwards confirmed, in August 2022 that “cardiac arrhythmia following cocaine use” was the cause of his death.

Cause of death Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards died on February 20, 2022. His friends and family were devastated, especially his mother Brenda who stars on Loose Women. In August that year, an inquest revealed that Edwards had died of a cardiac event following a late night session that involved cocaine and alcohol. Edwards showed signs of paranoia on the night he died and started throwing things around the room.

After he collapsed in his west London home, three small snap bags with remnants of powder white were found on him. According to Mr. Hopper a friend, Edwards appeared normal at first and engaged in conversation with him while drinking and smoking cannabis. Edwards expressed his feelings of stress and anxiety, but his behavior became paranoid and erratic. His collapse was revealed at the inquest.

Edwards was declared dead by the police as not suspicious. The toxicology test showed that cocaine and alcohol were present in his system. Cannabis was not found, but evidence of MDMA usage was detected in his urine. This suggests that Edwards had used the drug recently, but not the night before he died.

According to Detective Sergeant Luke Taylor of the Met Police, three small snap bags containing remnants white powder and bloody tissues, associated with drug abuse, were discovered in his pocket. Edwards was diagnosed with a cardiac event caused by recreational drug and alcohol consumption.

Edwards showed signs of sickle-cell disease but his GP confirmed he did not take any medication. The toxicology report and the presence of drug paraphernalia strongly indicated recent drug use. It is likely that Jamal ingested enough cocaine to cause an adverse reaction due to cocaine toxicity. This led to a cardiac arrhythmia, and ultimately his death.

Jamal Death Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran expressed his support and gratitude to Jamal Edwards after the untimely death of Edwards at age 31 due to a cardiac event. Sheeran’s rise to fame was made possible by Edwards. He expressed his gratitude for their friendship. Edwards’ mother Brenda Edwards, who hosts the British television show Loose Women and is Edwards’ spokesperson, revealed in an interview with Good Morning Britain that Sheeran stayed for a week at their home after Jamal died.

Brenda’s heartfelt thanks were expressed, stating that Sheeran had taken care of all the details and offered invaluable support during this difficult time. She and her daughter Tanisha expressed their gratitude to Sheeran for his unwavering support. They were deeply touched by the outpourings of love and support. Brenda was also deeply touched by Sheeran’s freestyle rap, released on social media in tribute to Jamal.

She posted the clip to her Twitter account. The lyrics in the rap reflected on the loss of Jamal and his profound impact on the lives of those who heard it. Lines like “These tears will not let me speak about you” were used. We should have realized that we would be lost without you. Sheeran had a strong bond with Jamal Edwards, and Sheeran’s willingness to support him during a difficult time showed their mutual respect and friendship.

Jamal Edwards Wife

Jamal Edwards was believed to have been single at the time of death. No evidence suggests that he had a public or married relationship. Jamal Edwards was raised by his mother Brenda Edwards and stepfather Patrick along with his younger sister Tanisha. The family was close throughout his childhood.

Jamal Edwards Biography

NameJamal Edwards
Date of birthAugust 24, 1990
Date of deathFebruary 20, 2022
ProfessionMusic Entrepreneur, DJ

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