What Happened to Harley and Katya: Where Are They Now?

Learn about Harley Windsor and Katya Alexandrovskaya’s successes and challenges, and discover about the history of their relationship, the difficulties, and the routes they’ve taken in the world of figure skating.

What Happened to Harley and Katya?

As early the pair’s first partners Harley Windsor and Katya Alexandrovskaya had a remarkable run on the figure skate, especially in the area of pair skating. Their exceptional performance brought them several medals, but the main point being the gold medal they won in the Junior World Championships in 2017. This win set a great path for them to compete in the famous Olympics in 2018. Winter Olympics.

However, in the midst of all these difficulties their skating relationship came to an emotional and heartbreaking conclusion. It was a difficult time for the pair to break up professionally which put a stop to what was a successful and promising figure skating adventure together. Despite the challenges they faced during the initial years of their collaboration showed their skills and potential, making their mark in the sport that is figure skating.

Where are The Skaters Harley and Katya Now?

Katya died of suicide in the year 2020. Harley Windsor, now 26 years old, is an active participant on the world stage in figure skating. After the breakup of his relationship with Katya Alexandrovskaya in the summer of 2016, he embarked on a new chapter of the world of skating.

On August 20, 2021 Windsor joined forces with Maria Chernyshova, another Russian-born skater, and formed the partnership to take on figure skating in the arena. Together, they competed in the skating season 2021-22 but it proved to be a difficult time with only limited successes. The pair eventually had difficulties that led to the end to the skating season.

In spite of the defeats, Harley Windsor took a major leap towards his goal of skating. On July 20, 2023 it was reported that Windsor decided to change allegiances and be a representative of South Korea in his future competitions. This was followed by an alliance change when he teamed up with Cho Hye Jin, born in Canada, a Korean skater. Together, they set out to make their mark during the 2023-24 season.

What was the fate of Katya Alexandrovskaya?

Tragically, the tragic story of Katya Alexandrovskaya turns into a tragic twist. On the 18th of July in 2020, she took herself to death. The skating community and all that knew her are stricken by the loss and mourning the loss of a gifted and promising young skater.

In the months leading up to her passing, Katya battled with depression which can be extremely difficult to manage. There are reports that suggest she turned to alcohol in order to cope with her issues and caused a lot of harm to her overall health.

To add to her difficulties In January 2020, Katya started the treatment of epilepsy. This health issue caused her to take a difficult choice: to break off her skating relationship with Harley and to quit figure skating one month later. The change was an important occasion in her life ending a chapter that defined a lot of her early years.

Who is Harley?

Harley Windsor, born on 22 October 1996, is a remarkably proficient Australian couple skater. His team-up with the talented Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya has led to a number of important achievements and awards in the world of figure skating.

In 2017 Harley and Ekaterina have won Ekaterina and Harley won the Junior World Champion title, performing with their dazzling ability and coordination on the skating. This win marked a major moment in their relationship and demonstrated their ability in competing at top levels of their sport.

They continued to be successful when they won the title in the 2017 CS Tallinn Trophy, further consolidating their place within the figure skating competitive community. They also won the bronze award at the CS Nebelhorn Trophy, showcasing their endurance and skill when competing internationally.

NameHarley Windsor
First NameHarley
Last NameWindsor
OccupationFigure Skater
BirthdayOctober 22
Birth Year1996
Place of BirthPenrith
Home TownNew South Wales
Birth CountryAustralia

Who is Katya Alexandrovskaya?

Ekaterina Dmitriyevna Alexandrovskaya who was born on January 1, 2000, and tragically dying on the 18th of July 2020. She was an ice figure skater from both Russia as well as Australia. She was famous for her pair skating with her partner Harley Windsor. Together, they were able to win numerous events, including in 2017 the CS Tallinn Trophy and the 2018 CS U.S. Classic, where they won bronze medals. They also took home an Australian national championship twice in 2017, and again in 2019.

NameEkaterina Alexandrovskaya
First NameEkaterina
Last NameAlexandrovskaya
OccupationFigure Skater
BirthdayJanuary 1
Birth Year2000
Place of BirthMoscow

Katya Alexandrovskaya Death

On the 18th of July, 2020 Alexandrovskaya tragically passed away aged just 20. She jumped off the sixth floor of her house in Moscow which was quite high and is believed to be an intentional act. The note she left was “Lyublyu,” which means “I love” in Russian.

The film was released in February of 2022. film titled “Harley & Katya” was made available in Australia. The documentary told the tale of Alexandrovskaya and Windsor and focused on their relationship and their time in skating together.

Katya Alexandrovskaya Career

Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya first began learning skating as a child years old in 2004. In the beginning, she skated as a solo skater up to the season 2011-2012. Following that, she started pairing skating with various partners such as Vladislav Lysoy, and Aleksandr Epifanov in the following seasons.

Her collaboration along with Harley Windsor began after a suggestion from their coaches. They began skating together in the month of December. They attracted the interest of their coaches because of their overlapping techniques and body shapes.

Their debut on the international stage took place in September of 2016 at the Junior Grand Prix (JGP) in the Czech Republic, where they placed 8th. They won a second silver medal from Estonia at a different JGP event. They also played at the senior level and qualified for major championships, such as World Junior Championships and the World Junior Championships and World Championships.

The 2017-2018 campaign saw them took home bronze in a qualifying event to be used in qualifying for the Winter Olympics. They followed up their success by securing gold during JGP Final. JGP Final, becoming the first Australian champions of the event in its history.

However, during the season of 2018-2019, they had to face difficulties with fitness and health which affected their performance. Windsor was suffering from a constant foot pain, which resulted in being unable to compete. They then returned to Sydney and tried to make an comeback but Alexandrovskaya quit because of health problems, which included epileptic seizures in the early part of January 2020.

Katya Alexandrovskaya Age

Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya, at time of her death, was just 20 years old. She was born in 2000, and tragically passed away in the year 2020.

In junior-level competitions she stood out as a top performer in junior-level competitions. She took home at the 2017 World Junior Championship, the 2017 Junior Grand Prix Final and the two Junior Grand Prix events in 2016 and 2017 with Estonia and Poland respectively.

Harley Windsor Career

Harley Windsor started figure skating in 2005. He was sparked by his desire to skate on an skating rink on the ice in Blacktown. He started with single skating before moving to pairs and getting through qualifying tests with teammates of New South Wales and Queensland.

He joined forces with Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya following a suggestion from their coach at Moscow in December of 2015. They had success at senior and junior levels, and were one of the very first Australian couple skaters ever to earn medals in the ISU Figure Skating Championships.

For the season 2017-2018, they took home their very first senior-level international medal, a bronze and participated in the Winter Olympics, marking a significant moment in their history. Windsor was honored in the National Dreamtime Awards in 2018.

Harley Windsor Age

Harley Windsor, born on 22nd October, 1996 and is now at the age of 26. He has made huge strides in the field of figure skating showing his ability and dedication on the skating rink.

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