What Happened To George On Impaulsive: Is He Still On Impaulsive?

This comprehensive guide will tell you what happened to George, the popular host of Impaulsive. You can also find out if George still appears on Impaulsive.

George Janko Impaulsive

George Janko, a frequent guest and host on the Impaulsive Podcast co-hosted with Logan Paul and Mike Majlak. The podcast is a mix of pop culture, current affairs, and personal stories. Janko is a friend of Logan Paul’s and has appeared in many episodes of Impaulsive.

Their relationship was strained by Paul’s comments about Janko’s religion in the past. Janko, despite this, has continued to be a part of the podcast. He has also launched his own podcast in order to share his thoughts and ideas. Janko has been well received by his fans and his appearance on Impaulsive has made it a successful podcast.

What happened to George in Impaulsive?

After Janko unfollowed Mike Majlak and Logan Paul on Instagram, there are rumors that a feud has broken out between them and the host of Impaulsive, George Janko. Paul’s insensitive remarks about Janko on a podcast episode prompted backlash from his fans. Janko was hurt by Paul’s comments and later Paul apologized for his insensitivity.

Janko recently posted a cryptic message on Twitter that sparked speculation from fans regarding the status of his relationship with Paul Majlak. Others criticized Paul and Majlak, saying that they disrespected their co-host. Some fans feel that the show would not be the same without Janko after his departure.

George Janko still on Impaulsive

George Janko’s status on Impaulsive is not clear. Janko said in January that, despite starting his own podcast, he was still a part of Impaulsive. However, he unfollowed Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and others on Instagram. This has led to rumors about rumours between the three.

Janko’s recent cryptic Tweet has also fueled speculation regarding his current status. There has not been an official announcement regarding Janko’s involvement with Impaulsive.

He made it clear, however, that he did not intend to leave Impaulsive. He planned to use his podcast instead to discuss his personal opinions and express himself. Janko may have seen this as a way to maintain his relationship to Paul and Majlak, while still having creative freedom to explore and discuss his own ideas and interests in his podcast.

Why is George not playing Impaulsive

There was no explanation as to why George Janko had left Impaulsive. According to the information that was available, there were rumors about a feud between Janko, Logan Paul, and Mike Majlak, after Janko had unfollowed each of them on Instagram.

Fans may have reacted negatively to Paul’s insensitive comments on the podcast about Janko’s religion. Janko previously said that he would be starting his own podcast, but not leaving Impaulsive.

His recent absence from the program and his unfollowing his co-hosts in social media indicated that they may have had a falling out. This is only a rumor and no one has made an official announcement about Janko leaving Impaulsive. It’s possible that he has returned to the show, or that his absence is temporary.

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