What Happened to Gavin Free in 2018: Where Is Gavin Free Now?

In the year 2018 Gavin Free and his partner Meg Turney faced a harrowing incident where an obnoxious fan entered their home, prompting a dispute with police that resulted in the death of the intruder.

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Who is Gavin Free?

Gavin David Free is an English actor director, cinematographer, and online personality. He became famous due to his involvement in Rooster Teeth in which he was the role of creative director. He also contributed to numerous projects, including that of the Achievement Hunter gaming division. He was the director for seven seasons of the well-known web-based show “Red vs. Blue” and the mini-series “Relocated.”

One of Gavin Free’s more noteworthy accomplishments is his role as co-host and creator of the web-based YouTube show called “The Slow Mo Guys,” which he hosted with his pal Daniel Gruchy. The show showcases a variety of actions and experiments that are that are captured in stunning slow-motion video.

“The Slow Mo Guys” has been gaining a lot of attention and has amassed more than 2.2 million views in the time since it was launched at the end of 2010. The show was recognized by winning the YouTube’s “On The Rise” program in April 2011 along with one of the episodes that involved crushing watermelon was broadcast as a segment on “The Tonight Show” in September 2012.

BornGavin David Free
Date23 May 1988 (age 35)
BirthplaceThame, England
OccupationCinematographer, producer, director actor
Years Active2006-present
Known forThe Slow Mo Guys, Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth
PartnerMeg Turney (2013-present)

What Happened to Gavin Free in 2018?

In the year 2018 Gavin Free and his partner Meg Turney experienced a traumatic incident in their home. On January 26, 2018 the intruder known as an obsessive lover of Meg Turney, broke into their home located in Austin, Texas. The burglar was armed with an assault weapon and fired a shot as Free and Turney concealed themselves in a closet. They immediately seeking help from the authorities.

Police were on the scene and the situation grew into a confrontation between an intruder and the officers on the driveway that the couple’s home is. A gun battle ensued and the intruder ended up being shot to death by a police officer. The suspect had traveled for around 1 hour from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Austin likely motivated by anger towards Gavin Free’s popularity and the relationship he had and friendship with Meg Turney.

Thankfully the two Gavin Free and Meg Turney were not injured in the incident as they managed to cover and call for help when the intruder was at their home. The incident has highlighted the risks of being in the public eye as well as the issues online celebrities such as Free and Turney are sometimes faced with because of their online presence and the following they have.

Gavin Free Early Life

Gavin David Free was born in Thame, Oxfordshire, and was a student at Lord Williams’s School. The year 2006 was the time he began on his professional career with the help of Green Door Films, a pioneering production company in Europe that made use of Phantom digital high-speed cameras to produce slow-motion effects.

In his capacity as an engineer as well as camera operator Free was a part of projects including music videos and commercial videos for well-known artists such as U2, Enter Shikari, Klaxons, Kasabian, The Chemical Brothers and X-Press 2. As well as the charity single “Everybody Hurts”.

In this period Free was able to gain valuable experiences in using slow-motion technology to create creative content. Free’s journey also crossed with the path of Daniel Gruchy during his employment at the local Waitrose which marked the beginning of a collaboration which would eventually lead to cooperation in the realm of online creation of content.

Gavin Free Career

Gavin Free has forged a remarkable professional career that has earned him global recognition for his remarkable achievements. His career began in 2006 when he joined an integral part of Green Door Films, a pioneering production house in Europe that pioneered the use in an Phantom Digital High-Speed Camera in making slow-motion films. As cinematographers Gavin’s portfolio includes stunning films like “Dredd,” “Red vs. Blue,” and “Top Gear.”

In addition, his contributions go to web-based shows that have been acclaimed, such as “Captain Dynamic,” “The Slow Mo Guys,” “The Gauntlet,” and “Immersion,” all of that have earned praise. Gavin’s time at Rooster Teeth has been characterized by ingenuity and ingenuity since he was director, creator and the driving driver behind the growth of the business. While he hasn’t won any the recognition or awards he has received so yet, his impressive portfolio of work has earned him praise and nominations from both his colleagues and the public alike.

Gavin Free Partner

Gavin Free’s wife has been Meg Turney. They have been together since 2013 and are still together. Meg Turney is also a well-known internet celebrity, known for her role as a model, cosplayer as well as a content creator. Through the years, Gavin Free and Meg Turney have been recognized for their contributions to entertainment and online content Their partnership has drawn curiosity among their followers and followers.

Gavin Free Networth

Gavin Free is a prominent actor of Gavin Free is a prominent figure in the English film industry. He is renowned for his skill as a cinematographer and actor. In his many TV and film productions Gavin Free has always delivered impressive performances.

Gavin’s diverse career includes his role as the director and creator at Rooster Teeth which has seen him make important contributions. He has also carved an online niche for himself as a persona, hosting and developing YouTube web-based series. At the moment Gavin Free’s wealth is at a staggering $6 million, which is a testament to his success in ventures in a variety of domains.

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