What Happened to Do Kwon: Where Is Do Kwon Now?

Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Nobody can stop it, but every sin will be punished one day. Most often, in high-profile crimes, the criminal is released on bail because of their money and contacts. It is not always the case that a wealthy person is saved from their crimes. Some countries have strict laws and do not discriminate based on status. Being a well-known name, people will immediately guess the reason behind his imprisonment.

What happened to Do Kwon

Reports claim that the notorious ex-crypto giant Do Kwon will spend the majority of his life behind bars, first in his native South Korea, and then the United States. The senior prosecutor in the Asian nation has shared this information. Both countries, according to reports, are seeking Kwon’s extradition for charges related to the collapse digital tokens he designed, an implosion which blew out at least US$40bil. Former Titan Do Kwon, who had been a fugitive for a while, was arrested in Montenegro on March 28.

Dan Sunghan who is in charge of the investigation on the deceased businessman said that it was possible to try and convict the person under both jurisdictional and distinct charges. DDan is the director of financial crime investigations at the Seoul Southern District Prosecution Service. He told a reporter in an interview that the person could be extradited to America and tried there. The conviction would then be executed both in the United States as well as South Korea.

The 49-year old expects Kwon will get the record conviction domestically for financial fraud cases exceeding 40 years. Branko Andjelic could not be reached for comment on the statements made by Dan. We will have to wait for more details. Terraform Labs Pte was the culprit. They created a stablecoin named TerraUSD, that was supposed to have a US$1 value (RM4.60). This was done through a combination of algorithms and trader incentive using Iuna. If you would like to learn more, please stay tuned to us. Don’t forget to check out our other articles. Also, let us know if you have suggestions. Please let us know. Be safe.

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