What Happened to Dj Laz: Where Is DJ Laz Now?

Read this article to learn everything you need to know about the Cuban-American rapper Lazaro Mendez, aka Dj Laz.

DJ Laz

DJ Laz is also known as Lazaro Mendez. He is a Cuban-American rapper and music producer who hails from Miami, Florida. He is widely recognized as a pioneer in the Miami Bass genre. Hispanic and Latin music has gained prominence within mainstream music. His most famous compositions include “Mami El Negro,” “Esa Morena,” and “Move Shake Drop.”

Laz began his career in Miami as a mixtape musician. His extraordinary success within the club scene of Miami led to him signing a recording deal with Luke Records under Luther Campbell. His first major breakthrough came with the release of his debut “DJ Laz & the Pussy Cat Crew” album. The single “Mami El Negro” was a chart-topper. Laz has appeared on TV in a number of significant roles, including as host of “The Roof,” a long-running dance music show on the Mun2 Network.

He has also been a popular radio personality. He is the host of Miami’s Power 96 Station, where he hosts “DJ Laz morning show”. Laz is known for his electrifying live performances. He has graced music festivals and concerts around the world with his presence. He is a Miami music icon, releasing new songs and dazzling both his loyal fans and newfound ones with his energetic performances.

What happened to DJ Laz

Lazaro DJ Laz Mendez was a key figure in iHeartMedia’s recent wave job cuts. He has now officially left his role as morning host at iHeartMedia hot AC station 93.9 MIA WMIA FM in Miami Beach. Mendez joined WMIA as an afternoon host in the station’s old all-90s format “Totally 93.9” back in January 2021. He moved to mornings in February 2022 after the station switched back to Hot AC.

From 1990 to 2012, DJ Laz enjoyed a 22-year career at the Rhythmic CHR radio station “Power 96”, WPOW. After a brief stint at SBS KXOL Los Angeles where he waited patiently to complete a non-compete agreement, SBS launched the “DJ 106.7 WRMA” which featured his morning show from July 2012 to Nov 2013. He then took over the role of morning presenter at Cox CHR’s “Hits” 97.3 WFLC station from August 2014 until November 2019.

Where is DJ Laz?

After leaving 93.9 MIA, DJ Laz is still making waves in the music industry. He currently plays on Pitbull’s Globalization Channel 13 via Sirius XM. DJ Laz is known for his charismatic presence on the air and his vast experience. His infectious energy and engaging material has captured audiences. He has a career that spans over 20 years and is a major figure in radio.

The distinctive style of DJ Laz and his eclectic music choices have made him a popular and highly sought-after radio host. As well as his radio career DJ Laz is also a successful recording artist and music producer. He has produced several chart-topping singles including “Move Shake Drop,” a song that showcased his ability to create infectious dance tracks. He has performed at many high-profile venues and events, dazzling audiences with his energetic performances.

DJ Laz Morning Show

DJ Laz rose to prominence as the host of an acclaimed morning show on WPOW FM 96.5 in Miami for 22 years. In April 2012, he began a new chapter of his career as the host of the DJ Laz morning show on WRMA, a newly revamped station that features a lively bilingual dance/rhythmic music format.

His charismatic presence continued to resonate among listeners until November 2019, when he decided to part ways with the hope of a possible acquisition. Laz is currently on Pitbull Globalization Channel 13 Sirius XM where his talent continues to shine.

DJ Laz Net Worth

DJ Laz is a Cuban-American DJ and rapper who has accumulated a fortune of 2 million. He was a DJ and a rapper who has been renowned for his career. For 22 years he hosted the DJ Laz morning show on WPOW 96.5, in Miami, before parting with the company in 2012 In 2012, a new version of the DJ Laz morning show was broadcast on WRMA DJ106.7 – a newly formatted Bilingual Dance/Rhythmic Station – and LA 96.3, Los Angeles.

DJ Laz is known for more than just his radio presence. His albums DJ Laz and category 6 have been well received by fans. He grew up in Miami and developed his talent. This led him to embark on an incredible journey which has helped him become a prominent figure within the music industry.

DJ Laz Boat Accident

DJ Laz was in an accident that caused serious damage to a boat near Key Biscayne. Ernesto Hernandez was 23 when the unfortunate incident occurred. Hernandez, who was trying to help Laz remove his boat from the sandbar when Hernandez helped Laz, is reported to have died in an untimely manner.

Tragically, the propeller of the boat struck him and killed him. DJ Laz cooperated fully with the police throughout the investigation and was cleared of criminal charges after a thorough examination. Hernandez’s mother, despite this result, took legal action to seek compensation from Top Notch Marine Inc. and Laz, the Miami-based boat owner.

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