What Happened to Daz in Emmerdale: Check Here!

What happened to Daz on Emmerdale? Find out about Daz’s storyline on Emmerdale and the actor who played him.

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Who is Daz Eden?

Daz Eden is the fictional character of Emmerdale, a popular British ITV soap. Luke Tittensor played the role of Daz. He made his debut in the show on September 9, 2003. Luke Tittensor was fired from Emmerdale after six years due to his conviction for grievous body harm.

Luke Tittensor was cast as Daz in October 2003. Tittensor was charged with grievous bodily injury when he turned 19 after he assaulted a 16-year old. ITV decided to terminate his contract because he had pleaded guilty and was aware of the severity of the charges. The decision was taken to let him focus on his legal case.

ITV released a statement to explain their decision. “As Luke pleaded guilty for the serious charge GBH, and as we cannot condone criminal behaviour, we met with Luke and with his agent to inform them that his contract will be terminated with Emmerdale. Luke is sorry for his actions and fully understands the situation. Jess Grieveson Smith of Leeds Live considered the termination of Tittensor’s contract as an unceremonious exit. Luke Tittensor aired his final scenes in the role of Daz Eden on April 24, 2009

What happened to Daz from Emmerdale?

Daz left the village on 24 April 2009 and headed to an unknown destination. This was after his last unsuccessful attempt to visit Victoria. He has not been seen since. He was rejected when he went to the garage and asked Scott Windsor for assistance. Daz responded by setting fire to the garage.

Daz was trying to better his life but he became involved in the turmoil of his family. He found out that Andy’s fiancée, Katie Addyman was having an extramarital affair with Robert, their adopted brother. Daz told Andy the truth despite being threatened with silence. Daz was discredited by the illicit couple and sent into care.

Katie and Robert eventually confessed their affair and chose to live together. Andy was then shunned by the Sugdens. Andy accidentally shot Jack, his adoptive dad, in revenge for Robert. Andy apologized for his mistake to Daz during a visit at the care facility. He encouraged him to return home to Butler’s Farm.

Daz was not the first to get involved in his brother’s affairs. Daz had helped Cain Dingle in the past with his schemes. Andy’s affair Debbie Dingle also caused him more turmoil. Cain blackmailed Andy to end the affair by falsely accusing him of leading Daz astray.

Andy was unaware that Debbie was pregnant. Daz was there to offer support when Debbie gave birth to Sarah. However, they had to settle on being friends. He had a crush Debbie’s best friend Jasmine Thomas and was surprised to learn that the two girls were dating.

Diane Sugden was relieved that Daz, Daz’s adoptive mom, had temporarily left the village to reconnect with her biological mother who claimed she’d changed. He returned to the village a few weeks later. Daz was reunited with Billy, his father who had just been released, upon his return. However, chaos broke out when Diane started an affair with Billy. Billy was hospitalized after a fire and left his family behind, including Daz.

Daz turned against Andy after he was abusive to Jo Stiles. He found comfort in his relationship with Victoria Sugden, his adopted sister. Daz continued to be in a relationship, despite their shared feelings and a Christmas kiss. The truth was revealed to the couple when they caught Victoria and Aaron Livesy together in bed.

Victoria orchestrated a situation to make Daz envious, which irreparably damaged the Sugden Family. Daz tried to repair the damage but Aaron and Scarlett would not listen. Andy was horrified when Aaron revealed Daz and Victoria’s relationship. Andy expelled Aaron and ordered him to never return to Emmerdale.

Who played Daz Eden in Emmerdale?

He played the role from his first appearance until he left in 2009. The actor began his career as an actor alongside his twin brother Elliott. Both shared the role Carl Gallagher on the TV show Shameless.

Luke appeared in several television shows, including Casualty, Holby City, and Emmerdale. He also appeared in Waterloo Road as Connor, a homosexual student.

Emmerdale Overview

Emmerdale is a popular British soap opera which airs on ITV. It was originally called Emmerdale Farm up until 1989. Emmerdale is a fictional Yorkshire Dales village. Kevin Laffan created the series which premiered for the first time on October 16, 2002.

Since the show’s inception, all interior scenes were filmed at Leeds Studios. The first exterior scenes were filmed in Arncliffe, Littondale. This may have been the inspiration for the show’s title, which is derived from Amerdale, a name that was used in ancient times to refer to Littondale. Later, exterior scenes moved to Esholt, and now are filmed at a specially-built set on the Harewood Estate.

Emmerdale Farm was originally broadcast as a television series that lasted three months in the afternoon. Due to its popularity, however, more episodes have been ordered and broadcast during the daytime until 1978 when it moved to a prime-time slot early evening in most regions.

The soap opera underwent changes in the late 1980s under the direction of a new team. The changes included a new name, dramatic storylines and an increased number of episodes. Emmerdale became more popular and attracted more viewers.

The program began broadcasting in HD on October 10, 2011. Emmerdale won the British Soap Awards’ prestigious Best British Soap Award for the first-time in 2016. ITV3 is airing Emmerdale’s “classic episodes”, twice a day, since January 2019.

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