What Happened to Cody Rhodes Arm: Is Cody Rhodes Injured?

What happened to Cody Rhodes Arm? Brock Lesnar injured Cody Rhodes in a recent match. Check here for Cody Rhodes’ injury updates

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Cody Rhodes really hurt?

Cody Rhodes, who won a brutal battle against Brock Lesnar in Backlash has suffered a number of injuries caused by Lesnar. Lesnar continued this trend on Monday night, when he brutally assaulted Rhodes twice during Raw. Rhodes was left with an injured right arm before their Night of Champions rematch.

Rhodes was attacked as he entered the arena. His arm sustained significant damage. Lesnar then subjected Rhodes to a punishing Kimura hold when he attempted to confront Lesnar in the evening, further aggravating the injury. Commentators and WWE staff speculated throughout the rest of the show about Rhodes’s ability to compete at the upcoming Saturday pay-per view event in Saudi Arabia.

What happened to Cody Rhodes arm?

Brock Lesnar’s ambush of Cody Rhodes as he entered the arena was a shocking start to the show. Lesnar was brutal in his attack, using a beer can to break Rhodes’s arm and leave him in pain. There were rumors about Rhodes being able to participate in the match as the show went on.

To everyone’s surprise however, Rhodes answered Lesnar’s challenge. Rhodes wore a sling to protect his arm but he still made his way into the ring to face his tormentor. He removed the sling and was ready to fight. Lesnar, who is merciless at all times, quickly trapped Rhodes into a kimura-lock that crushed his bones, and demanded that Rhodes fight.

Lesnar continued to assault Rhodes, brutally stomping his arm, which was already badly injured, before leaving the ring. The audience was left in shock by the shocking sequence, which featured Rhodes’ unwavering resolve and Lesnar merciless brutality.

Cody Rhodes Injury Report

Triple H unexpectedly entered Cody Rhodes’ locker room in the final moments of the show. Triple H was concerned for Rhodes and insisted that Rhodes get medical treatment, since it was obvious to him that Rhodes suffered a fractured arm. Rhodes, on the other hand, refused to allow doctors to examine his arm.

Triple H acknowledged Rhodes’ concerns that a medical examination could possibly rule him out of Night of Champions. Triple H insisted that he was responsible for ensuring Rhodes got the medical attention he needed. In the midst of the mounting tension, Rhodes declared that he was going to compete at Night of Champions.

Rhodes ended the show with these defiant remarks, showing his unwavering determination to meet the challenges that lie ahead, regardless of the possible consequences.

Cody Rhodes’ Wife

Cody Rhodes married Brandi Rhodes. Brandi Rhodes was not only a professional wrestler in the United States but is also a multitalented person. She has also made a name as a model, businesswoman and TV personality. She was born Brandi Alexis runnels and first entered the WWE in April 2011 as a ring announcement under the name Eden Stiles.

Brandi has shown her wrestling skills in many promotions over the years. These include Impact Wrestling and World Wonder Ring Stardom. In 2019, Brandi made a major move when she joined the newly formed wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling. Brandi continues to contribute to the success and growth of AEW.

How tall is Cody Rhodes?

Cody Rhodes is 1.85 meters tall. He is a professional wrestler from the United States. He is currently signed to WWE, and he competes under the Raw brand. Rhodes also established himself in All Elite Wrestling from 2019 to 2020. He was an executive vice-president in AEW, and he achieved the distinction of becoming the inaugural AEW ‘TNT Champion.

Rhodes achieved significant recognition during his first stint with WWE, from 2006 to 2016. He wrestled as his real name, but also took on the persona Stardust. This character was exaggerated and dramatic with a sparkling style that was inspired by his half brother’s Goldust. This portrayal helped Rhodes gain attention and become a prominent figure within the wrestling industry.

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