What Happened to Carl Lentz: Is Carl Lentz Still Alive?

What happened to Carl Lentz? The former Hillsong Church Pastor who was fired for having an affair with Nanny and being unfaithful towards his wife, what is Carl Lentz up to now? Find out.

Carl Lentz: Who is he?

Carl Lentz, an American former minister, is a spiritual adviser to celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. He also served as the lead pastor of Hillsong NYC until November 4, 2020, when he was dismissed by Hillsong Global Pastor Brian Houston due to “leadership issues and breaches of trust” along with recent revelations about moral failures. He was the lead pastor at Hillsong NYC from November 4, 2010 until November 4, 2020 when he left by Hillsong Global’s Brian Houston for “leadership problems and breaches of trust” along with recent revelations about moral failures.

Leona Kimes was a former Lentz nanny who made allegations in May 2021 accusing him for bullying, power abuse, and sexual misconduct. Lentz confessed to an extramarital relationship with Leona Kimes (the former nanny) in a documentary on FX titled “The Secrets of Hillsong” from 2023. He revealed his Adderall dependency.

What happened to Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz, former Hillsong Church pastor, faced a dramatic turn of events after revelations about infidelity. Carl Lentz and his wife Laura were both prominent members of the megachurch before they were kicked out due to Carl’s moral failures. Laura Lentz revealed in a candid interview that she found out about her husband’s affair during a Zoom conference call.

Laura was suspicious after she saw them in compromising circumstances. Laura was initially gaslit by the couple, who denied all wrongdoing. They also denied that they had done anything wrong. This made her question her gut instincts. Laura only learned of the nanny’s involvement during a Zoom call with church board members and the founder Brian Houston.

They also became aware of a woman named Ranin Karim via text messages between Carl and her. She was his mistress. A four-part FX documentary series called “The Secrets of Hillsong”, featuring exclusive interviews, will explore the scandals surrounding Carl Lentz. The series premieres on Friday, 19 May 2023 at 10pm ET.

Carl Lentz Nanny

Carl Lentz confessed that he had an affair with a family nanny when he was the leader of Hillsong’s ministry in the United States.

Lentz reveals in a recent FX documentary the challenges and triumphs he experienced during his almost decade-long tenure at Hillsong Church. The church expanded from its Australian roots to New York. Lentz rose to prominence as a charismatic minister and helped Hillsong gain a better reputation by partnering with celebrities.

What is Carl Lentz doing now?

Carl Lentz is now a strategist for Transformation Church, Tulsa in Oklahoma. He was fired by Hillsong Church in 2020 because of an extramarital affair. Tammy McQuarters, the executive pastor of Transformation Church, confirmed this information.

Lentz, who spent two years on his personal journey of healing and self-discovery, has stated his willingness to use his talents once more and serve his local church. Transformation Church in Tulsa, which is led by popular YouTuber, pastor and author Michael Todd, has a large, predominantly Black congregation. Lentz’s position as a member of staff at Transformation Church was officially confirmed.

Is Hillsong Church Still Open?

Hillsong Church is still open and active. The church continues to be active and have multiple locations around the world, despite facing significant challenges and controversy in recent years. Hillsong offers online sermons for those who cannot attend services in person, or don’t have a Hillsong location near them.

Hillsong is a spiritual community that remains active and accessible to its members despite the allegations and difficulties surrounding certain individuals in the church.

Carl Lentz: Where are you now?

Carl Lentz currently works as part of the team at Transformation Church in Tulsa. Transformation Church is an overwhelmingly Black, nondenominational, megachurch that is led by Michael Todd. Todd is well-known as a pastor and YouTuber. Lentz was hired by Transformation Church after his scandal, which became widely publicized in 2020.

Lentz’s involvement in Transformation Church marks his comeback to ministry after a period away from the spotlight. The Secrets of Hillsong, an upcoming FX document, will explore Lentz’s scandalous affair and the scandals which affected the famous megachurch. The documentary will feature the Lentz family’s first ever interview since the scandal broke.

Carl Lentz Instagram

Carl Lentz has an Instagram account with the username @carllentz. He shares a lot of content on his Instagram account that is related to his personal and ministry life. Photos of him leading worship and participating in family activities are included. Lentz also uses his platform to share his thoughts on faith, life and current events.

What happened to Hillsong Church

Hillsong Church’s reputation has been tarnished by scandals and controversies in the last few years. In 2020, the pastor Carl Lentz was fired due to infidelity in his marriage. This incident revealed a dark side to the church as many former members have come forward since with allegations of abuse, trauma and financial exploitation.

Discovery Plus’ documentary “Hillsong – A Megachurch Exposed”, which sheds light on the disturbing allegations, has further contributed to the negative perception of this church. In January 2022, Brian Houston, the founder of the church, resigned his position within it. He was accused of trying to cover up alleged cases of child sexual abuse by his father.

Houston intends to plead innocent, but the controversy over the allegations led him to resign from his position of power at Hillsong. These events have had a significant impact on the church’s image and raised serious questions about its leadership and practices.

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