What Happened to Brian Williams NBA Player: Is He Died?

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Who is Brian Williams?

Brian Williams (also known as Bison dele) was an American basketball player. He played for many NBA teams, including the Orlando Magic, Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Clippers Chicago Bulls, and Detroit Pistons.

He was born in Fresno on April 6, 1970, to Patricia Phillips, and Eugene “Geno” Williams Jr. who sang in The Platters, a popular musical group. Brian, who later changed his name, Bison Dele was a top NBA Prospect and was selected by the Orlando Magic as the 10th selection in the 1991 first round.

He won the NBA Championship with the Chicago Bulls in 1997. In 2002, his brother Miles Dabord is believed to have murdered him, his girlfriend Serena Karlan, and skipper Bertrand Saldo at sea.

What happened to Brian Williams, NBA Player?

Brian Williams, an aspiring basketball player, had to overcome many obstacles as he rose through the NBA ranks. He eventually achieved success with Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls in 1996-97. The Detroit Pistons offered him a lucrative deal after he achieved this feat.

Williams’ success, however, was short-lived. He became involved in a number of altercations with teammates and retired from the league early. Williams died tragically a few months after his retirement.

Williams has played in the NBA for many teams including the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers. He also played with Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons. Williams averaged 11 points and 6.8 rebounds per game. Williams’ life was tragically cut short despite his talent and potential. He is believed to have died by his brother at sea in 2002.

Brian Williams Death

Bison Dele is a former NBA star who disappeared from public view after leaving the league. In July 2002, his reclusive life came to an end when he, along with Serena Karlan and Bertrand Saldo on the Hakuna Matata, went missing.

It became alarming after Miles was the only one communicating via satellite on July 8th. Bison and Serena had been regularly in contact with family members before. The vessel was discovered in Tahiti on July 20th with only Dabord aboard. According to Dabord, Serena had died from a head injury. Saldo was prompted to report her death by this account.

In a panic, Bison shot Saldo. Dabord then defended himself by shooting at his brother. The truth is still unknown as it’s unclear if Dabord’s version is accurate. We may never find out the truth as Dabord died after slipping into a coma due to an insulin overdose.

Early life and career

Brian Williams was born in Fresno on April 6, 1969. He is the son of Eugene “Geno” Williams Jr., a member of The Platters and Patricia Phillips. Patricia Phillips remarried after their divorce and raised Brian Williams and his brother, in Fresno, until their second divorce. Brian was in junior school. Brian is of African American and Cherokee descent.

Brian went to Bishop Gorman High School, a Las Vegas-based high school during his junior year. In his senior year, Brian had impressive stats. He averaged 17.3 points per game, along with 12.7 rebounds. He transferred to Saint Monica Catholic High in Santa Monica, California where his jersey was retired.

Brian began his college basketball career at the University of Maryland, where he played for one year before transferring to the University of Arizona, where he sat out the next season. Brian started his college basketball at the University of Maryland, and played there for a year. He then transferred to the University of Arizona where he sat the following season.

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