What Happened to Alissa Turney: Where Is Alissa Turney Now?

Find out the story of Alissa Turney, 17 years old who went missing in 2001. discover the circumstances surrounding Alissa Turney.

What happened What Happened to Alissa Turney?

Alissa Turney was just 17 when she vanished, and her father, Michael Turney, said that she fled the scene. However, many began to question the story since there were indications that something was wrong. Alissa had money in her savings that she didn’t spend She also left her mobile in her car, and her acquaintances claimed she spoke about negative events that took place at home.

Her last sighting was the 17th of May, 2001 within the Phoenix, Arizona area. We are still unsure of what transpired to Alissa and it’s extremely difficult for her family as well as everyone who is concerned about her.

Who was responsible for the murder of Alissa Turney?

It is unclear who murdered Alissa Turney is still unsolved. Initially, she was described as a runaway during 2001, by her father Michael Turney, suspicions later suggested a possible murder after a false confession made by Thomas Hymer, a Florida prisoner, Thomas Hymer, in the year 2006. Even although Michael Turney always said he wasn’t the culprit, police focused their attention on Thomas Hymer as the culprit.

In 2023, a judge found him not in the right position because there was not sufficient evidence. The family of Alissa has been concerned regarding her since a long period of. Despite their efforts, it’s still unclear what transpired to Alissa and who was responsible for her death.

Alissa Turney Mother

Alissa Turney’s mom was Barbara Strahm. Tragically, Barbara Strahm passed away from cancer at the age of Alissa was only eight years old. older. After the death of her mother, Alissa and her older half-sister, Sarah, lived with their stepfather, Michael Turney, in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael legally adopted Alissa and also owned three boys from an earlier relationship, however they’d already moved out of the home by that point.

who are you? Alissa Turney?

Alissa Turney, who was born on April 3 1984. She was 17-year old American girl, whose last known whereabouts were located in her home in the Phoenix, Arizona area on May 17th 2001. She was a student at Paradise Valley High School and was in her senior year when she went missing. disappearance. The case of Alissa remains unsolved and she disappeared without an trace that left her family and police searching for answers for nearly two years.

NameAlissa Turney
BornApril 3 April 3, 1984
DisappearedMay 17 2001 (aged 17)
LocationPhoenix, Arizona, U.S.
The duration is not being recorded.For more than 22years

Michael Turney Trial

In July 2023, a 75-year-old Michael Turney faced trial for second-degree murder in connection with the disappearance of his stepdaughter Alissa Turney’s disappearance in 2001. In the course of trial, Sarah Turney, Alissa’s half-sister and emotionally testified to the treatment their father gave Alissa.

Alissa disappeared on the 17th of May, 2001 during her senior year’s last session on the final day of school at Paradise Valley High School. At first, she was thought to be a runaway and then reopened 10 years later, with the focus on Michael as suspected. Despite a very emotional trial as well as the media’s attention however, the judge ruled for the defendant which led to the dismissal of any charges brought against Michael Turney.

What is the status of Michael Turney Now?

Michael Turney is out of the jail right currently. He was held in prison for a reason he was accused of having been involved in the disappearance of his step-daughter Alissa Turney’s disappearance. However, in 2023, he was ruled not guilty and was released from prison.

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