Was Chris Young Arrested: What Did Chris Young Do?

Find out what you can about the arrest and conviction of country star Chris Young, the circumstances which led to it, and the specifics of the actions that led to his arrest.

Was Chris Young Arrested?

Yes, court papers and news media confirm that country star Chris Young was arrested at the bar in Nashville. It happened when the singer got into a fight with a group of agents from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission who were conducting a check for compliance. Young was bloodshot with tears that were watery, and he was slurring his voice. Young was accused of the assault of an officer and disorderly behavior and resisting arrest.

The agents first met Young in Tin Roof. Tin Roof bar where they verified his identity. Following that, Young started questioning and recording agents, and went on to the Dawg House close by. When the agents left, Young tried to stop the agents by throwing his hands on the floor and struck one of them across the shoulder. The agent then pushed Young away to avoid being seen. A second agent approached Young and he turned back and refused to comply with the instructions of the agents. This resulted in being taken into custody and detained. During this time, a few of Young’s associates also accompanied the police, making the situation a hostile.

Who is Chris Young?

Chris Young, born Christopher Francis Ries is a well-known American artist and rapper. He is widely regarded as a member of the pair Young Gunz, alongside his childhood pal Neef Buck. The duo became famous through their participation in the Beanie Sigel State Property collective and signed a recording contract in 2003 with Roc-A-Fella Records. Their first single “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” was released in 2003, pushed the duo to fame.

Alongside his work alongside Young Gunz, Chris Young has also launched his own solo career, releasing mixtapes and albums like “LIFE: Ladies In For Free” and “The Revival” in the year 2011. With his sly and confident vocal style, Chris Young has remained an active and influential person in the world of music since the beginning of 2000.

NameChris Young
BornJune 12, 1985
Birth PlaceMurfreesboro, Tennessee, U.S.
OccupationsSinger, Songwriter
Years Active2002-present

Chris Young Age

Chris Young, born on June 12 1985, is age 38. Chris Young is an American musician and rapper who has earned an impact in the world of music. Through his talent and commitment, Chris Young has been capable of establishing a lucrative career in the world of hip-hop. Through the years, he’s gained a large following and continues to impress through his music. Despite being in the music industry for quite a while Chris Young’s dedication and creativity have enabled his music to be relevant and continue to attract fans. As he continues his evolution and develop as an artist the fans can expect future thrilling projects and performances by Chris Young in the future.

Why Was Chris Young Arrested?

Chris Young was charged with assaulting an officer, disorderly conduct in addition to resisting arrest. The incident started when agents spotted Young on the premises of Tin Roof bar. Tin Roof bar and checked his identity. Young was then able to interview and record the agents, before going into the Dawg House that was next door. When the agents left, Young attempted to stop them by taking his hands on the ground and, while the process, he smacked one of them with his shoulder.

In in response, the agent shoved Young away, creating some distance. When a second agent walked up to Young and he turned away, he took a step back and refused to follow orders, which led to his physical detention and later arrest. The situation grew more tense because a number of people who were accompanying Young started following the agents, creating a tense atmosphere.

What Did Chris Young Do?

Country music star Chris Young was arrested at the Nashville bar following a dispute against Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents. Young was drunk with watery eyes, red lips and slurred voice, was accused of assaulting a police officer and inciting trouble. The officers found him in Tin Roof. They spotted him at Tin Roof bar, asked for his identification, and the situation escalated. Young interviewed and recorded the agents. He then accompanied their trail to the Dawg house next to it.

He attempted to physically stop the agents, and he hit one with his shoulder. The other agent approached him, but Young did not join in. Young was arrested and detained and his companions added to the tension by pursuing the agents. Young’s representatives haven’t commented about the incident. Young is famous for his songs such as “Tomorrow” and “Getting You Home.”

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