Virginia Woman Missing Update: Where Is Virginia Woman Now?

In this article, we will present information about Lauren Cook as the public is looking for her on the internet. The general public is surfing the internet to find out more about her, in addition, they would like to know more what happened to the case in Virginia. We have therefore brought details about Lauren Cook in this article to our readers. In addition, we will also provide information about the missing case in Virginia since people search for the case on the internet. Keep reading the article to find out more.

Who is Lauren Cook?

Authorities are now more concerned about the security of the safety of a Virginia woman and her three children, who have been missing for over an entire week. Benjamin seven, Hannah 5 and Elijah two, together with Lauren Cook, 30, were last seen on September 5, on the 5th of September in Franklin County, Virginia. Since then, no one has been capable of getting to them or locate them. In a post on Facebook, officials from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office requested help from the public for searching for the family that has disappeared. They said that Cook’s wife is concerned about their children and isn’t involved in the disappearance. He is worried over “where are my kids at” as any father would, Sergeant Megan Huston told WSET.

Huston stated that the lack of a custody dispute, or other signs of risk makes this case unique. “Usually you’ll find that the parent who is not a custodial parent runs off with their children however this isn’t the case here,” Huston said. “We do not have any evidence that she’s in danger, however we’re searching for them to make sure that they’re safe,” said the search team. According to police, Lauren Elizabeth Tousa Cook is 5’1” tall with brunette eyes as well as long, curly hair. Hannah Cook, age 5 is blonde with brown eyes and Benjamin Cook, age 7 is blonde with blue eyes. A two-year old Elijah Cook also has blonde hair and blue eyes.

The public and the media in the words of the sheriff’s office have shown a huge amount of support for the hunt to find Cook as well as her kids. Anyone who has information is asked to call them via (540) 483-3000. Each time there’s any situation that involves children, Huston added, “They are concerned about ensuring that they are secure for the children.” To locate Lauren and her kids she added, “We have received an overwhelming amount of support in our efforts to find this family and we’d be grateful for any additional shares of media coverage of this.”

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