Types Of Backlinks You Should Be Outsourcing In 2023

Link Building Outreach

If you know anything about SEO, you should know that there are two kinds.

– On-Page SEO.

– Off-Page SEO.

On-page SEO is when you work on optimizing your website to increase website value through more organic traffic and search engine rank. For example, keyword optimization, image optimization, better website design, and navigation. Technical SEO, like better loading speed and site maps that can retain organic traffic on the page, is also a part of this SEO practice. These ease the audience’s navigation and make the page more attractive to keep them hooked.

However, when it comes to off-page SEO, it is all about optimizing externally. This is to help your target audience find you organically and not through search engine ranking. Off-page SEO can actually increase the number of organic traffic on your page.

One such off-page SEO method is creating backlinks on other blogs or websites which are relevant to your niche. Now, whoever is interested will click on the link and find you.

What Are Backlinks

Backlinks are linking your websites all over the digital space. This process is called blogger outreach. In simple terms, this is when you reach out to other bloggers or journalists and create links to their blogs or news posts.

  • For this, you have first email the relevant sources.
  • Then you have to negotiate the price because you will have to pay them in order to create a backlink, especially if it is an authentic website with a good DR.
  • Lastly, you can either guest post (write an entirely new post) or simply place the link on a relevant existing post.

You can do it yourself, but if your expertise is limited, there is no harm in calling for link building outreach experts.

Types Of Backlinks To Create

The types of backlinks which you should be concerned about this 2023 are as follows. They will help you get the highest number of clicks from the target audience, build better organic traffic, and get high conversion rates.

Creating backlinks is one of the best SEO techniques for small businesses and e-commerce websites.

1. Social Media Linking

Social media posts are good for two main reasons:

  • Everyone comes under one umbrella. (No matter the demography or age group you are targeting.)
  • You can reach a vast audience because of the enormous following of each social media platform.

For social media, you have to start optimizing your own social media profiles and then create eye-catching posts. These posts will render links that will redirect to your website.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting ensures creativity along with SEO. Over here, you pick a relevant website to backlink and then write your own post to be published on the website. This is an excellent option to backlink because you can create a well-informed post and insert links to your desired anchored text.

This is better than simply inserting a link in an existing post. When you guest post, you will have autonomy over your post upon paying the external publishing website.

3. Editorial Backlinking

Editorial backlinking is when you create backlinks in an editorial or an online news source. Over here, the liberty to guest post is limited since journalists want creative control.

So, one can either reach out to the editor or the journalist of the news website to create a backlink on the editorial page. 

Oftentimes you do not have control over where they link it. But, if you work with a good blogger outreach service provider, like the WhiteCat blogger outreach agency, who has expert negotiation and emailing skills, you should have some autonomy over the linking.

Afterall, if it is not linked to the right post or text, the purpose of attracting organic traffic through the target audience is null. 

4. Influencer Acknowledgement

This falls under the sponsored post backlinks. This is where you will reach out to influencers over social media platforms and youtube. They first talk about your product or service or make a simple detailed post about it.

These posts or video descriptions will have the link redirecting to your website. Influencer acknowledgments in recent years have helped get the highest number of organic traffic. Since the influencers have already briefed about your company, and the people actively clicking are genuinely interested.

Plus, audiences nowadays would rather believe in a realistic review than a well-produced television advertisement which sometimes can look exaggerated.



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