Trenton Stewart Car Accident: Read Accident Details Here!

Trenton Stewart’s death has shocked the Stetson community. Read more to learn more.

Trenton Stewart Stetson

Trenton Stewart, a student athlete at Stetson university, tragically died in a car crash on May 9, 2023. He was a football player and was described by his teammates as a dedicated and hardworking player who put the team first. He was remembered by his coaches and teammates as someone who had a positive impact on and off the football field.

The Stetson Athletic Director sent his condolences Trenton’s entire family and to the Stetson Community. Trenton’s death is a good reminder to cherish each moment with your loved ones. His teammates and coaches will remember him fondly as a friend and teammate.

Trenton Stewart Car Accident

Trenton Stewart was a member the Stetson football team. He died after a tragic car accident. The accident happened on May 9, 2023 in Seminole County. Trenton’s impact on his team, and the Stetson Community as a Whole, has not been revealed. He was described by his teammates as a dedicated and hardworking player who put the team first.

Coaches and teammates recall him as someone who was always willing to help, and had a contagious laugh. Jeff Altier expressed his condolences for Trenton’s loss to Trenton’s family, as well as the Stetson Community. He said that, “Our hearts are heavy and we extend our most sincere sympathies to Trenton’s family and friends.”

Trenton’s teammates, coaches and former players have all made statements about him. They remember him fondly as a friend and teammate. Trenton’s teammates and coaches express how much they love him and will miss him. Trenton’s death is a tragic reminder to cherish each moment with your loved ones.

We are all grieving for his loss and sending our love and prayers to his family and his friends in this difficult time. All who knew him will miss him deeply. During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends.

What happened to the college football player?

Trenton Stewart’s death has deeply affected the Stetson community. Trenton Stewart tragically lost his life in a car crash in Seminole County in Florida on May 9, 2023. The cause and circumstances surrounding the accident have not been revealed, but the Stetson community mourns the loss of an intelligent and promising young person who has touched many lives.

Trenton was an admired member of the Stetson Football team. His coaches and teammates remember Trenton as a dedicated and hardworking player, with a contagious attitude and a contagious laugh. He was well-known for his willingness and ability to help others. Trenton’s death has left many people in the Stetson and beyond with a deep sense of loss. He touched so many lives.

Trenton’s friends and family are in the thoughts and prayers of everyone at Stetson during this difficult period. Our deepest sympathy is extended to Trenton’s family and friends as they deal with the loss of their beloved son, brother and friend. Trenton will live on in the lives that he touched and will be remembered for his shining light within the Stetson Community. May he rest peacefully.

Trenton Stewart Obituary

We announce Trenton Stewart’s death with a heavy heart. Trenton was a beloved student and member of the Stetson community. Trenton Stewart was a student athlete and a football player. He was well-known for his dedication, hard work and positive attitude.

Trenton’s teammates and coaches remember him as an inspiring and bright light with a contagious laugh and a willingness help others. His presence in the Stetson Community will be greatly missed. He was described both as a model on and off the football field. His death has had a profound effect on all who knew him. His legacy will live on in the lives of those he touched.

Brian Young, Head Football Coach of Stetson, said: “Today is a truly sad day for the entire Stetson family.” “We lost a young person who was a true Stetson Hatter. We send our love to his teammates and family, as well as the entire Stetson Community. We have lost a friend, a teammate and a brother. “He will always be known as a Hatter.”

Trenton’s friends and family are in our thoughts during this difficult period. We are thinking of them and sending our prayers as they deal with this tragedy. The Stetson Community mourns the death of a talented, promising young man with so much to give the world. Trenton will be remembered for his unwavering devotion and love to his team, school and community. Rest in peace.

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