Top 5 Mouth-watering Local Food In Senai You Must Try (Malaysia)

Before we delve into the content of the topic, for those of you who are new to the place, here is some knowledge about Senai. Senai is a small town and Mukim in the Kulai district of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Tourists often visit this lovely town as they are attracted by their different types of attractions.

Although there are many types of attractions here, Senai can be considered as one of the towns in Johor that has various famous and delicious food. Here’s a list of some of the best food the town has to offer, and I highly recommend you stop by.

1. Kim Wah Restaurant

Are you ever stuck for ideas on what breakfast should be? Restaurant Kim Wah is a great place to have your Johor breakfast. This Senai restaurant is located in Taman Senai. Restaurant Kim Wah is known for its variety of food such as the popular fried bihun and fried kuey-teow.

This is the place to go for all you Fried Kuey Teow lovers. This restaurant is a great choice for those who love to eat with their family. They offer a variety of signature dishes like curry chicken and sweet and sour fish. It also offers quiet and peaceful surroundings that will make your morning more pleasant. Few customers read newspapers while sipping their morning coffees.

The restaurant charges RM10 for most meals. This makes it affordable. You now know where the best breakfast is and you won’t have to search for it anymore.

2. Swee Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

Senai’s most loved local dish is chicken rice. Swee Kee Hainanese chicken rice will be a favorite when it comes to chicken rice. Swee Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice is located in Taman Bintang. It’s well-known for its steam chicken and roasted poultry. Customers can watch the preparations of the food by the staff.

This restaurant is rated 4.5/5 stars because customers have positive feedback and written reviews about the chicken rice. People who have visited the restaurant love the tenderness of the chicken and the juiciness in every bite.

The restaurant is known for its chicken dishes, but it also offers side dishes like steam vegetables or bean sprouts. This chicken rice shop is a great choice for those who like a balanced meal.

3. Restoran Zhuang Yuan

The restaurant’s fish head dishes are rich in homemade sauces that pair well with the fish heads. Restoran Zhuang Yuan creates each dish with unique ingredients. They also offer other delicious dishes like their famous fried pork.

This restaurant’s food and atmosphere are suitable for families, so if you don’t know what to order for dinner, it might be a good option. Fish head lovers, you should try this Senai food!

4. Restaurant Monyet Monkey Cafeteria

You will be surprised at the name of this restaurant. Let me tell you a bit about this restaurant if you don’t know what it has to offer. This restaurant in Senai, Taman Selesa has the best food around. It is definitely worth a visit.

They offer a wide variety of noodles, as well as delicious chicken and pork cuts such as “Lao Shu Fen” (rat tail noodles). On weekends, the coffee shop is filled with locals. You can choose from Hakka fried pork or char siew, and you can also order curry laksa. Other noodles include bihun, yellow noodles, and kway teow. Customers love every bite of the noodles they order, with all sorts of special ingredients being added to make them even more delicious. Restaurant Monkey’s food is extremely affordable.

5. Soon Kee Bitter Gourd Soup

Soon Kee is a remarkable restaurant that serves delicious bitter gourd soup. Soon Kee, located in Senai is known for its mouthwatering bitter gourd soup.

The restaurant charges only RM4.50 per person. This is a great deal for people who love the delicious food. It sounds interesting, right?

This recipe will make pork big intestines and small pineapple slices go wild. Let’s get to the main course: bitter gourd soup. The bitter gourd is thinly sliced inside the soup. This gives it a crunchy texture, instead of being soggy.

For those who are afraid of bitterness, bitter gourd is sliced thinly and tastes crisp but not bitter. Not only that, the pork-based soup is mixed with pork slices and intestines, which makes the soup slightly sweet after entering the mouth, leaving a bittersweet taste, which is amazing! The restaurant is often full of people at night. It is recommended to visit the restaurant at lunchtime.

The menus clearly state the prices for the food, so people can enjoy a delicious and affordable meal. even tourists recommend this restaurant. This Senai restaurant is worth a try!

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