Tips for Using Bulk Text Messaging for Customer Retention

Email newsletters are not the only way to gain or maintain subscribers. Mass text messaging is another avenue. However, customer retention for text messaging differs from email newsletters. Once they opt-in, how do you keep them from opting out? Five solutions will get your message out to the intended audience.

Send the Right Message

An attention-grabbing text message will get customers to open and read the contents inside. It will also encourage a response from them. The only issue you have is figuring out what to discuss.

Here are a few ideas that generate loyal customers for other companies.

  • Welcoming a new subscriber to the group
  • Exclusive deals, discounts, and coupons for subscribers
  • Mobile online ordering messages
  • A post-purchase message
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Birthday messages
  • Non-promotional text messages
  • Company news and updates
  • New product launches
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Reminders to sign up or resign
  • A follow-up or check-in for infrequent subscribers
  • Customer service responses
  • Informing them about scams claiming to be from the company

Get to the Point

Today’s audience has short attention spans. A lengthy text message that takes forever to get to the point tunes out customers before they reach the end. So instead, tell the audience your reason for contacting them in the first or second sentence.

Treat your text message like a shorter Twitter message. Twitter allows 280 characters; a text message has 150-160 characters.

A Call to Action

To get interaction and engagement, you need to get customers to respond. The primary options are clicking a link and using a code in word, number, or alphanumeric form. The specifics are endless. You can get those customers to verify your phone number, visit your website, look at a product, make an appointment, use a coupon code, and opt-in/opt out with a code. Encourage them to respond by offering help if they have questions or seek more information.

Use a Text Messaging Service

An SMS bulk text messaging service is a time-saving service that sends a text to many customers. It is a significant investment to try if you want to avoid sending the messages yourself. A bulk messaging service should be easy to use and customizable with fantastic customer support. It should contain tons of features and integrate with existing software too.

Send at the Right Time

There is a right and wrong time to send a text message. No one wants a text message early in the morning or late at night. Instead, send a text message when most subscribers are awake and alert, even if that means learning about your customers’ different time zones and countries. If the findings show that separating bulk messaging into two or more batches is good to appease time zones and countries, so be it.

Send to a Select Mass Audience

You may offer more than one text message subscription. Some may subscribe to hear the latest company news, another batch may only want the latest sales and deals, and the third group wants both. It’s crucial to send company news, for example, to the customers who requested it. Do not send company news to the group that wants only sales and deals. That’s the fastest way for a customer to opt out. That’s why a mass bulk messaging service is so effective.

Don’t Overdo Bulk Messaging

According to SimpleTexting’s 2021 Texting statistics, 60% of customers who text will opt out of a business’s text message because they send too many text messages. It is fair for companies to communicate with their audience. However, sending a flurry of text messages will drive customers away. So, give your subscribers a break between texts.

So, how much is too much? Where is that line? The same source mentions ideas based on customer feedback. Customers prefer a text twice a month or once a week. That gives customers breathing room between messages and allows customers to subscribe to more than one company without burnout.

With so much happening in our lives, it is astonishing that a text message can have our undivided attention. A good text message that follows those tips can accomplish much more than attention. They can attract new customers, raise awareness, increase company exposure, drive sales, and accumulate revenue. Mass bulk messaging with an SMS service should be a part of everyone’s marketing game plan to reach customers in the mobile world.

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