The Biggest Blackjack Wins in History

Blackjack is not a decades-old game. The traditional game dates back to the 16th century, and it has evolved and is still being enjoyed to date. When visiting Casino worldwide today, you’d hardly find one without blackjack tables.

Through these legendary casino games, many gamblers have also been able to create fortunes for themselves, enough to build generational wealth. Checking out blackjack site online, you will find many professional gamers making massive profits today. Here are some of the biggest wins in the game’s history:

  1. MIT Blackjack Team

When smart students from prestigious institutions like MIT and Harvard come together to form a blackjack team under the wing of one of the most successful blackjack players in history, one can only expect excellence. Taking lessons from Bill Kaplan, the blackjack legend, the MIT blackjack team hacked the gambling system, and the rest is history. 

  1. Kerry Packer

The name Kerry Packer is not foreign to any gambler as this man is gambling history himself. He is the first man to singlehandedly win forty million dollars in the game of blackjack, and he is also on the list of gamblers who have made the most at a casino. In just one night of playing at a Las Vegas casino, Packer took home a grand price of $7 million, which is not very common, even to date. 

However, skills like Packer had is also not very common. In another night of dealing cards at Las Vegas again, Packer, who had a lot of money at his disposal, was able to conveniently place bets worth $250,000, and he was not given a reason to regret it. In less than an hour, Packer had easily increased the money in multiple folds, making a whooping sum of forty million dollars. 

  1. Don Johnson

Like Packer, Don Johnson was also a successful man who enjoyed gambling at the casino. For most of his life, Johnson has particularly enjoyed playing blackjack, and he was very good at it. Being a millionaire as the CEO of Heritage development, Johnson’s main goal was not to make money. However, he had just enough money to place big stakes at the casino, which was handy for him. He also maintained impressive winning streaks around casinos, winning over fifteen million dollars in just a few months. 

Despite already having a lot of money at his disposal, Johnson could still increase his wealth at casinos as he won more money than he lost, despite always placing huge bets. However, Johnson was also not banking on luck as he was a very impressive mathematician who had a lot of winning tactics. 

  1. Ken Uston

Many call Uston the king of blackjack strategy because this man mastered the very art of the game. He was well familiar with every strategy you can think of and even went further to create his own. As a mathematics genius, Uston did not let his abilities waste while playing at the casinos, as he used that talent to count cards perfectly. He was the first person to do that, so he is recognized as the creator of card counting in blackjack. 

Uston was so good at this game that many amateurs came to him for training to play like him, and he taught them perfectly. As a successful trainer, Uston created his team of professional blackjack players, which lived up to expectations as the world knew their name. Yes, his team made blackjack history before the famous MIT blackjack team ever came into the picture.

Together with the MIT team, Uston made millions in casinos in just a matter of years, making history as one of the very first persons to hit a jackpot when playing blackjack. 

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