Texas Mall Shooting: Check Details Here!

Christian LaCour was identified as a victim in the mass shooting that occurred at a Texas mall on Sunday. His family reported that he was a mall security guard.

LaCour was among eight people who were fatally shot on 6 May 2023. Authorities claim that a mall cop who was in the area for another case shot the shooter. On the same day, the gunman died.

Texas Department of Public Safety has identified the suspect as Mauricio Garca, 33, a Dallas resident.

The victim was working at Allen Premium Outlets in Farmersville when Mauricio Garcia, the alleged gunman opened fire on the parking lot. Christian LaCour, the victim of the Texas Mall Shooting, is described in detail below.

Who was Christian LaCour, the Texas Mall shooting victim?

Christian LaCour, a 20 year old from Farmersville, lost his life in the Allen Premium Outlets shooting on 6 May 2023.Christian LaCour was a 20 year old man with a beautiful heart.

LaCour’s “beautiful grandchild” Sandra Montgomery confirmed that her grandson was among the dead. She expressed sorrow over the tragic loss.

After hearing of the murder, his family was horrified when they could not reach him. They lost a beloved member of their family.

Montgomery wrote in a Facebook post that Christian LaCour, a 22-year-old security guard from Allen, Texas was killed. He had goals and dreams for his future. He had a beautiful heart.

The grandmother, who was devastated by the news, added: “I remember being so proud to see him just two weeks earlier.”

Kellie Smith’s mother, Christian LaCour’s sister-in law, described Christian as a “sweet young boy” who grew into a “lovely gentleman.” Kellie revealed that his death has devastated the entire family.

Kellie wrote in her letter that words cannot express the pain LaCour’s parents are experiencing. She added, “The void is there for ever.”

Brianna LaCour, Christian LaCour’s sister

Brianna is Christian LaCour’s sister. She confirmed in an ABC phone interview that LaCour is one of the victims.

CBS News reported that LaCour’s grandma reached Brianna but could not reach Christian who was working as a security guard.

Brianna was probably in the same place when the tragic accident occurred on Saturday.Brianna, Christian LaCour’s sister, confirmed that Christian was a victim in the Allen, Texas, massacre on Saturday.

LaCour’s tragic death has left his family in a state of shock and devastation. The family is still struggling to accept the tragedy. We wish the family of the victim strength and courage in this difficult time.

Texas Mall Released an Official Statement

The mall issued an official response in response to the shooting: They expressed their horror at the tragedy that occurred at Allen Premium Outlets, and were outraged by gun violence which continues to plague the nation.

“The victims, families and anyone affected by this horrific crime are in my thoughts and prayers.” We are grateful to the Allen Police Officer and all first responders for their bravery.

The mall is about 25 minutes north of Dallas, in Allen. The mall’s parking area has a shocking video showing a man exiting his gray sedan wearing tactical gear, and arming himself an AR-15 style weapon.

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