Read Information About Taylor Swift Toronto Tickets 2024!

Do you know who Taylor Swift is? Are you looking to buy Taylor’s Toronto Concert Ticket? Then, read the Taylor Swift Toronto Tickets 2024 article here and get precise information about the query in one place. Fans from Canada rejoiced to hear the good news from Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Toronto Tickets 2024
Taylor Swift Toronto Tickets 2024

Swift’s Latest Announcement About ERA Tour 2024

Taylor Swift released her ERA Tour 2024’s schedule earlier. However, a few hours ago, Swift posted a picture on her Instagram and announced her ERA Tour’s dates for Toronto, Ontario, and other places in North America. Taylor’s ERA Tour 2024 is now extended to November. Netizens and fans from Canada are gushing over the news because, earlier, Taylor did not use Tour to Canada for unknown reasons.

Disclaimer: All the details and facts presented in the article are gathered through authentic sources. 

Dates & Venue of Toronto’s ERA Tour 2024

As per the data extracted from Taylor’s Instagram post, here are the dates of Taylor’s Toronto, Ontario ERAS Tour visit:

  • 14th November 2024 – Rogers Centre 
  • 15th November 2024 – Rogers Centre
  • 16th November 2024 – Rogers Centre
  • 21st November 2024 – Rogers Centre
  • 22nd November 2024 – Rogers Centre
  • 23rd November 2024 – Rogers Centre

The venue and city for ERAS Tour 2024 for all the dates:

  • Location – Toronto, Ontario
  • Venue – Rogers Centre

How To Book Taylor Swift Toronto Tickets 2024?

The verified fans can register on the Ticket Master and book the on-sale tickets. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the verified link of Ticket Master (provided in the conclusion below).
  • Sign in or create an account on the portal by filling in all the required details and your email address.
  • Complete your account’s verification with the unique verification code.
  • Once the registration is complete, fans can select their favoured location and dates. They will receive a pre-sale email notification a day before the sale opens. 

Registration form Taylor Swift Toronto Tickets 2024 is open from 3rd August till 5:00 pm as per European Time on 5th August.

Additional Details & Social Media Links

On 8th August 2023, fans will receive a notification regarding the sale if they have been selected to purchase from the on-sale of the verified fan or put on a waiting list. After that, the verified fan on-sale will start from 9th August 2023 to 11th August 2023.

Here are the links to Taylor’s social media account; one can easily spot the Extended Tour announcement post on their account.

As for the Canada ERAS Tour tickets sale, the verified fans will receive an email notification before the sale starts to join the queue. 


Taylor Swift has rejoiced her fans in Toronto after announcing the extended ERAS Tour dates and venues. Taylor will be performing in Toronto, Ontario, for six days starting from 14th November 2024. In the article, we have tried to explain the steps to easily book tickets for the show. Here is the verified link to create an account on Ticket Master. 

Will you go to the ERAS Tour 2024? Please comment below with your favourite Taylor Swift song. 

Updates On Taylor Swift Toronto Tickets 2024: FAQs

Q1. Is Taylor Swift coming to Canada?

A1. Yes, Taylor will visit Toronto in 2024.

Q2. Why is Taylor Swift visiting Toronto?

A2. She is visiting Toronto for her ERAS Tour.

Q3. Are the tickets for the Toronto concert available?

A3. No, not yet.

Q4. What are the prices for Taylor’s Toronto concert tickets?

A4. It is not yet known.

Q5. Where will the concert take place?

A5. ERAS Tour 2024 will be held at Rogers Centre.

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