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The public is interested in the arrest of Tam Khan and his charges. Tam Khan, one of Andrew Tate’s closest friends, responded to the allegations online.

According reports, the controversial digital media influencer Andrew Tate has been imprisoned as part of a Romanian investigation into rape and trafficking.

The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, DIICOT, searched Tate’s Bucharest home where he lived with his brother Tristan.

On Friday, the brothers’ lawyer confirmed their imprisonment.

In an official statement, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism in Romania (DIICOT), stated that four people, consisting of two British and two Romanian nationals, are suspected to be members of a criminal group that is specialized in human trafficking.

Tate appears to be supported by Tam Khan, a former MMA wrestler and YouTuber who lives in Dubai.

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Tam Khan Arrested And Charges

Tam Khan Arrested And Charges details. The arrest of controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate in Romania on 30 December 2022 sparked a large online reaction.

Tate appears to be supported by Tam Khan, a former MMA wrestler and YouTuber who lives in Dubai.Tam Khan Arrested has become a viral news story.

Khan claimed in a video that was posted on Saturday, that the kickboxer at issue is innocent.

In a video entitled “The Arrest Of Andrew & Tristan: Tam Khan’s message”, the YouTuber explained why he thinks his 15-year-old friend Tate is innocent, and that he is being “set-up.”

Khan, also known by the name TK Talks at the start of the video, has stated that I should send my duas to Brother Andrew. As Muslims, we must act accordingly.

Video Viral On Tiktok

Khan claimed to have known Tate over 15 years, and called him “one of the nicest and most loving guys.”

Tate reiterated his refusal to believe that the allegations were true unless video evidence was shown of Tate committing the act.

Khan tweeted he was my brother and I KNOW that he’s innocent. Whatever they say or try to do.

It’s fine to hate him all you want. You have a right to be entitled. He continued, “But don’t let someone frame him for a crime just because they disliked him.”

Tate, who was arrested Friday on charges of human trafficking and formation of a criminal group, has been sentenced to 30 days in prison by a Romanian court.

Tam Khan Personal Life Details

Tam, a British-born Afghani woman born in 1982, was adopted by parents who immigrated to Britain in 1979.

When Tam turned 11 years old, he and his family moved from New York to Essex in order for his father to accept a more lucrative job offer.

Tam spent most of his life in Essex at senior high school. Tam recalls being one of the few ethnic minorities in his town, and he suffered a lot from bullying motivated by racism.

Tam laughed, “We moved from Canvey Island to the most British town of Britain and I was there the only ethnic child!”Tam Khan has been making headlines in the UAE mixed martial arts scene since five years.

After a series of tense encounters with the youths in the neighborhood, Tam’s mom enrolled her son into the boxing gym next door.

Tam started to take boxing seriously between the ages of 15 and 16. His skills improved dramatically. He discovered the first Ultimate Fighting Championship video (UFC) one day.

Three months after joining, Tam won bronze in a national Jiu-Jitsu tournament. Tam took part in several regional mixed martial arts contests.

He met Royce Gracie personally during a seminar in his gym at this time.

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