Superdealmall Review: Check The Details Here!

On this page, we’ll offer an in depth rationalization of the Superdealmall Store on-line store in real world. What you’ve got to try to to is to appear over the Superdealmall Store reviews and to understand if this is often it a Superdealmall .Store fraud or a legitimate business.

Below, you may notice additional details that prove Superdealmall Store may be a dishonorable website:

Contact info​

The mail address “service@barbour .com” isn’t connected to its domain. Most legitimate websites offer associate degree email addresses connected to their domain.

Brand Misuse

We have used its customers with the Barbour trademark for its website’s emblem and name and claims to sell Barbour whole of merchandise. But, it is not associate degree related to the J. Barbour & Sons Ltd company and isn’t a licensed dealer of Barbour whole merchandise. Therefore, it’s abused Barbour’s name. Barbour.

NOTE: presently, it’s mistreatment Barbour’s name Barbour but, it might misuse a distinct whole or modify its website’s info fully within the close to future as a result of heaps of comparable kinds of scam websites area unit discovered to be doing this.

Social Media Presence

It has placed false social media icons at lower portion of its web site, which is able to take you to the homepages of those specific social media websites once you click on them rather than causing you to its social media for business profiles, pages or teams.

Copy content

The theme of the web site and heaps of alternative details on the web site area unit like many scam sites. The regarding North American country page is additionally sort of a range of suspicious and dishonorable websites.

The company has voiced the name of a distinct websites rather than its own on its policies pages i.e. Barbour .com but it’s not given any info regarding its association to the web site. However, legitimate businesses forever disclose their connections with alternative sister websites after they area unit connected to any.

Discount and sales deals

It has publicised Barbour merchandise from the whole that area unit on sale available at ludicrously significant discounts that area unit virtually not possible for legitimate stores to sell any discount, even throughout Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

There area unit several similar on-line stores that have complaints regarding their products’ quality, delivery times and conjointly regarding client service.


The above-named facts prove the reality regarding Superdealmall Store may be a scam on-line store.

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Note: These kinds of websites area unit ofttimes dynamic  their website’s name and therefore the contents of their websites now and then. Therefore, the review higher than is predicated on the knowledge obtainable on their web site at that date. If you come upon the other details aside from those we’ve given during this review the positioning has modified their data. This, however, makes it a suspicious web site.

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