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Who was Steve Batterson?

Steve Batterson grew up in Belleville in Illinois and was born in St. Louis Missouri in 1953. After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a degree in journalism, he began his career as a reporter at the Des Moines Register. He joined the Quad-City times in 1983. Steve has covered many sports throughout his career. These include college football, baseball, basketball and high school sports.

Steve was an accomplished reporter and writer. His work has been recognized numerous times, including as Iowa Sportswriter of the year in 1995, 2000 and 2002. In 2002, he was inducted into Iowa High School Athletic Association media hall of Fame.

Steve was respected for more than his professional achievements. He was also known for his generous spirit and love of sports. Steve was a mentor to many young journalists over the years. Steve died on June 27, 2023 at age 61. He left behind a legacy that included exceptional journalism, and had a lasting effect on the sports community of Iowa.

His death has prompted a flood of condolences from the journalism and sporting communities. Steve was a highly respected journalist, who covered college baseball, minor league football, and many other sports. He was an Emory University emeritus professor and worked at Simple Truth as a partner and creative strategy director.

Steve Batterson Obituary

Steve Batterson is a respected and prolific journalist who has left a deep mark on the Iowa sports community. Batterson died on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023 at the age 61. He left behind an incredible legacy. He worked as a reporter for the Quad City Times for 38 years. He covered a variety of sports teams and sports, including the Iowa Hawkeyes and Quad Cities River bandits.

Steve Batterson was survived by his mother Frances, brother Jeff and his beloved niece Samantha. The Jones Funeral Home will host a visitation from July 10 to July 11, from 9:30-10.30 am. A service at 10:30 am will follow.

Batterson is known for his professionalism and unwavering commitment to his work. He produced an astonishing number of articles every year with an insatiable working ethic. Batterson’s accuracy and distinctive flair were evident in his game recaps, coverage of events, feature articles, or breaking news. He was highly regarded by his colleagues, sources and readers, who admired his integrity and commitment.

Social media was flooded by heartfelt tributes following his death. Steve excelled in sports reporting, which was a message that read: “Steve loved it and excelled at it. He was one of the most prolific journalists I have ever known. “We all feel the void that his departure has left.”

Batterson began his career in 1985 at the Quad City Times, working initially as a sports writer part-time while studying at St. Ambrose University. After graduating from St. Ambrose University in 1987 with a degree specializing in mass communication, Batterson joined the Times full-time as a sports reporter. He covered many sports during his long career, including college sports, high school sports and minor-league sports like baseball, basketball, golf and racing.

What happened to Steve Batterson?

Steve Batterson shared his early sports writing work with his mother Frances Batterson in Washington, Iowa. Steve Batterson would proudly give his mother the Quad-City times, with each edition bearing a number at the top that indicated the number of articles Steve had written.

Frances carefully clipped these articles. Her collection quickly grew and filled multiple dressers. She was constantly searching for new storage places because of the constant flow of clippings.

The abundance of clippings is a testament to Steve Batterson’s impressive productivity and prolificacy over his 38-year career with the Times. Steve Batterson died on Tuesday at the age 61, after suffering from various ailments for more than three weeks.

He was admitted to the hospital on June 5, due to issues with his kidneys, liver and blood sugar. He showed signs of improvement but he suffered a setback when he fell into a nine-day coma on June 18.

Dan Hayes (longtime executive editor at the Times) said, “Steve was a sports reporter who had exceptional skills.” He was the most prolific reporter I had the pleasure to know. “We are all deeply affected by his death.”

Steve Batterson had a more personal side that few people knew about. He loved spending time with friends’ and relatives’ children, despite not having his own. His infectious laugh brought joy to all those around him. Joe Engel, a close friend of Steve’s, said that despite his professionalism he had a playful and lightning-fast sense of humor.

Steve Batterson was survived by his mother Frances, brother Jeff and his beloved niece Samantha. The Jones Funeral Home, Washington will host a visitation from July 10 to July 11, from 9:30 to 10:30 am. There will be a service at 10:30 am.

Steve Batterson’s death has left fans devastated

Steve Batterson was a beloved sports reporter in the Iowa sports community. He tragically died on Tuesday afternoon. Batterson, who had a career that spanned over 30 years, was a respected figure in the sports world. He was particularly well-known for his outstanding coverage of Iowa Sports, and his insightful reporting about the Iowa Hawkeyes’ various athletic endeavors.

Batterson has had a profound impact on sports journalism in California. Many of the current sports journalists owe their careers to him. His expertise and dedication to covering a variety of sports with unmatched skills inspired a whole generation of journalists.

After the news broke of his death, fans and other writers expressed their condolences on social media. Batterson was praised for his professionalism, kindness and genuineness. Many praised Batterson’s versatility and his contribution to minor-league coverage. Losing his byline will leave a significant hole in the baseball world, but his impact on the community and his legacy will live on.

Our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with Steve Batterson’s family, colleagues, and friends as they deal with this devastating loss.

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