Step by Step Guide: How to Create an App For Your Business

If you walk down any street, get on any bus, or train, or go into any restaurant, you will see that most people have their faces glued to their phones. Mobile devices have become an important part of modern life. People use them to send messages, browse the Internet, play games, and watch their favorite TV shows.

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According to Bloomberg Business, an average person spends almost three hours of their day on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. And Android is the smartphone of choice for most of them. In the US alone, 51.5% of the population uses Android phones.

Now the question is: how should you reach out to them? Of course, through an application. 

If you learn how to make business apps that are both interesting and easy to use, you can help your business connect with its customers on a deeper level.

Apps for business are essential in the digital age 

Statistics show that by 2025, there will be 18.25 billion mobile devices worldwide. With more mobile devices and more mobile users worldwide, one thing is clear: the use of Mobile Apps is also on the rise. Below are a few reasons why you should develop an app for your business. 

An Android app is a key to getting a piece of the mobile market, which keeps growing yearly and reached more than $58 billion in 2014.

Continually and effectively communicate with clients.

Customers can be enticed to visit your business by sending push notifications announcing a new holiday menu, a special, or just stunning images of your products. 

Improve your connections with your customers.

The Android app provides various customer service options, including phone calls, emails, online forms for feedback, and social network posts. An online business can also incorporate some highly effective Shopify sales ideas like pop up wheel, email pop-ups, full-screen gamified pop-ups, spin-to-win apps, Wheel of Fortune apps, and pop-up games that help reduce shopping cart abandonment. A web and store conversion specialist like “Tada” can provide some valuable insights into creating the best Apps that connect with your customers.

Maintain continuous business hours.

Maintain a steady flow of income into your company. Users can browse and buy products from your company through the app’s Store. Most importantly, the App should be designed
100% ADA compliant, as any online business in the US must comply with the ADA WCAG
guidelines, which clearly mention a site or app to be built, keeping in mind the web
accessibility laws. This is where a company like “Accessibility Spark” can play a crucial role
in ensuring ADA website accessibility and ADA-compliant apps.

Get people to return to your Store.

Loyalty cards and mobile coupons to thank clients for their continued business are a way to increase sales. There will be no more lost paper punch cards to worry about.

How to make an app for business? Steps

Draw your idea for an app 

You should think about how you can make an app for your business that is different from what everyone else is doing. You should not be like anyone else. So, to do that, you need to think creatively. Just grab a piece of paper and a pen and start jotting down anything that comes to mind immediately.

Look at what your competitors are doing. 

Secondly, you need to study the market, identify your major competitors, and then you can set out to create a business app that stands out from the crowd. The best method to achieve success is to create a product or service that is fundamentally different from everything else on the market.

Look for a reliable IT firm that can provide a hand in creating the apps. 

You can tell which firm is the best by looking at their previous work, the number of projects they have finished successfully, their service duration, ease of communication, and so on. 

JumpGrowth has the necessary knowledge and technology stack, and we have used it to create several widely used and well-known products.

Get feedback on your app and keep it updated. 

Put your app on the market, ask customers for feedback, use tools like Mixpanel, Appsee, etc., to see how people use your app, do surveys, and ask for feedback. Look at the information you have gathered and use it to improve your app in the future.

Features of Your Business App 

Think about what your app does best. This is where the focus of the features should be. A lot of people want to add extra features that are not needed to an app. But some features distract from the main point of your app. Each extra feature adds to the cost and length of time it takes to make the product.

Push notifications, a community wall, GPS, surveys and questionnaires, video, image, and audio hubs, booking, calendar integrations, e-commerce carts, a menu ordering system, customer loyalty, and a user directory are some popular app features. 

The most important thing in the initial stages of development is to keep things simple. You do not need the GPS feature if the main purpose of your app does not depend on the user’s exact location.

Cost to make a business app? 

The cost of making an app depends on how complicated it is and how much time and skill takes to make it. Most of the time, the amount of work and time that goes into making an app is related to how much it will cost. The cost of making an app goes up with the amount of time and work that goes into it. 

But if you still want a rough estimate, the development of an app will cost you between $40000 and $100000. But it depends on what you want your app to do and what kind of people it will reach.

How to earn money from the app? 

There are many ways for developers to make money from their apps or even make money while you sleep. But we will focus on the five most popular ones:

Advertisements in apps 

In-app advertising is a way for Mobile App Developers to make money by putting ads inside their apps. Every time an ad is shown, the advertisers pay the person who made the app. There are almost no limits to how much money this kind of advertising could bring in from mobile apps. If people use your app for a long enough time, advertisers will want to buy ad space.

Purchases made within the app 

In-app purchases are a way to set prices where essential services or products are free (or cost less) and more advanced services or products cost extra. The idea is that the company can compensate for its losses by charging for other parts of its service.


Subscriptions are often the best way to make money over the long term. Users are often given free access to a few or all features for a brief time.


Freemium is a type of app revenue model in which an app is given away for free, and then in-app purchases bring in money. Many ios app developers use the freemium model because it lets them give away their apps for free while still making a lot of money.

Paid apps 

Paid apps, also called “premium apps,” are the least common way for apps to make money. Developers charge users a one-time fee to download an app from the mobile app store. The good thing is that it is easier to plan expenses ahead of time if you know how much money the project will bring in right away.


One of the less well-known ways for apps to make money is through sponsorships. Even though online banner ads and video ads make people more aware of a brand, they do not always give the customer anything. On the other hand, sponsorships are a way for apps to make money by giving users rewards for doing things in the app.


So, we have gone over everything there is to know about developing an app for business. If you do not want your app to be just another one of the millions out there, you must be careful at every step. Unique ideas are hard to produce for mobile apps that want to stay ahead of the competition.

But a not-so-unique idea can still win the competition if done well. Just try everything you can to give users an experience that keeps them interested from the moment they touch the screen. We hope that all these steps will help you reach your goal.

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