SimplyGram Review – Service That Helped Me Become an Influencer and Earn a Living Through Instagram

In this post, I would like to tell you how I became an Influencer on Instagram. For me, it was SimplyGram that played a huge part in establishing myself as an Influencer. After reading the information on their website, I thought that what they offer sounded promising, so I gave it a try. After subscribing to SimplyGram, I got twice as many new followers in half a year as other services brought me in an entire year.     

Important Note

In this article, I won’t share a link to my account because I want to remain anonymous, and I don’t want to be considered advertising my Instagram account. Plus, I don’t own the website where this review is published. I am just a SimplyGram user who wants to share her experience. 

What Is SimplyGram and How Does It Differ From Other Social Media Marketing Agencies?

Let me make it clear, I personally have worked with three types of services. 

Large Marketing Agencies

These agencies actively engage in PR, analyze your content, and explore what your potential audience is interested in and what you sell. The cost of such agencies is usually ten times more expensive than SimplyGram, and there is no one who can give you any guarantees. Simply put, they sell you a strategy and tell you where and what you should buy. Eventually, you end up spending lots of money paying for agency staff working hours, and you also need to cover the advertising costs, including the photographer’s work, social media manager, designer, etc. There are many more nuances that could be talked about for too long, but that’s a subject of another article. In a nutshell, for me personally, such an agency was too expensive and most crucially, showed very poor results.                                                   

Services That Promise You to Bring Free Followers

This doesn’t work, especially if you need followers for a business account. You either won’t get any followers, or you will have to start following someone in return. And those users will unfollow you over time. I will not dwell on it much longer. I can only say that such users, even if they stay with you, won’t be showing any activity, and they are unlikely to buy anything from you.  

Services With Monthly or Weekly Payments

Such services can be super cheap, which might give you false hope. And some platforms just create bot accounts that start following you. But such followers do not do anything, even if Instagram does not ban them in the end, you will not get anything from these followers. And no one will buy ads from a blogger with a fake audience.   

There are services similar to SimplyGram that have different growth strategies. And some services do not disclose exactly how they work.
For me, of the three services I used, SimplyGram and its Mother/Child method suited me best.

SimplyGram has a network of so called “child” accounts that go around Instagram and mention your account in places where your potential followers might be. They do this organically and delicately, and it looks as natural as possible. They are very good at working out a promotion strategy. After using SimplyGram, I’ve noticed a significant increase in my Instagram insights.

It’s important to understand that people who buy ads from me now (this is the primary method of monetizing my account) pay attention not only to the number of my followers but to how active they are. That’s why it’s crucial not just to have a large number of followers.

I won’t write about the details of SimplyGram’s work in this post because they don’t provide any info about what followers it brought exactly. But what I can say for sure, is that SimplyGram is a working service because the increasing growth rate. However, I cannot give any exact data because of seasonality, cooperation with other bloggers, and other kinds of advertisements. And, I would rather now give inaccurate data because it’s an objective assessment. As mentioned earlier, I also do want to remain anonymous; That’s why I can’t really give any exact data.

SimplyGram has a 3-day free trial, so you can try it out for yourself. After three days, you should see some results, and in case SimplyGram is not working for you, you can always cancel your subscription.


SimplyGram is definitely worth giving a try, at least with the 3-day trial period. For me, SimplyGram has the following advantages:

1) They do not require anything other than a link to your Instagram account.

2) They are completely legal and do not violate any of Instagram rules.

3) Weekly payment, I can always cancel the service in advance.

I can highlight only one disadvantage; it is impossible to track how many and who exactly SimplyGram has brought in. If you use SimplyGram only, I think it will be easier for you to see how many users you added in a certain month. Also, the more popular you become, the more different collaborations you have with other bloggers, and the harder it is to determine how many followers you brought in from where.

A few months ago, I unsubscribed from SimplyGram for a month, and I saw that even now, when I have a bigger audience already, the growth of followers has slowed down. So SimplyGram still has a big impact on the development of my account. That’s why I’m not going to give up on SimplyGram anytime soon, and I recommend trying this service to all of you.

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