Simon Pagenaud Health Update: What Illness Does Simon Pagenaud Have?

Get the latest information on his recovery as well as modifications to Meyer Shank Racing as he concentrates on getting himself back to health before he can return to racing.

Simon Pagenaud Health Update

Simon Pagenaud, the French racing driver, has been focused on his recovery following a serious crash in practice in the IndyCar Series weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in July. Since the accident the driver hasn’t participated in any race events and has been replaced by a variety of replacements, which includes Conor Daly, Tom Blomqvist and Linus Lundqvist. Linus is driving the No. 60 Honda for the last 9 rounds in the series of 17. Importantly, Tom Blomqvist has transitioned into Team’s sole driver the 2024 entry. In the offseason, Pagenaud, known for his 2019 Indianapolis 500 win and 2016 championship, has been committed to his health and recuperation.

What is Simon Pagenaud?

Simon Pagenaud is a famous French race car driver. He has had a great time in both sports car racing as well as IndyCar. He raced the No. 60 Honda in the name of Meyer Shank Racing in the IndyCar Series. He was a star in the sport car race and even took home the top prize during the American Le Mans Series. He then moved on to IndyCar and took IndyCar’s championship in the year 2016 and then the Indianapolis 500 in 2019. He set a record by becoming the very first French driver who won Indy 500 since 1920. He was also the first French driver to win Indy 500 since 1920 and the first polesitter since 2009. He also took home his first 24 Hours of Daytona in 2022 and 2023. This proved that he’s really skilled in racing.

NameSimon Pagenaud
Born18 May 1984
Birth PlaceMontmorillon, France
TeamTeam Australia
Active for many years2007, 2008 – 2011

Simon Pagenaud Early Life

Simon Pagenaud was born in Montmorillon and made an unusual beginning into his profession as a race driver. At the age of 14 he started working in the family’s grocery store in the charge of the video game department. After completing Business school, Pagenaud was able to return to the grocery store. It was actually the driving school in his family which paved the way for Pagenaud’s entrance into the racing world and gave him the money needed to Pagenaud to begin his career in racing. The humble beginnings of his family’s business as well as the assistance from the school of driving formed the foundation for his incredible adventure in the world of motorsport.

Simon Pagenaud Career

Simon Pagenaud’s race career has been filled with big moments and dramatic changes. He began his career in Formula Renault before moving towards America. United States, winning the Champ Car Atlantic in 2006. The win earned him the chance to compete on Champ Car. He then made an impact on his first race in the American Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 2015 He was a part of Team Penske and almost won the 2015 Indianapolis 500. His greatest achievement came in 2016, when he took home his first IndyCar Series championship. In spite of some bumps and valleys, such as his switch into Meyer Shank Racing and a crash in 2023, Pagenaud’s influence on racing is unquestionable.

Simon Pagenaud Wife

Simon Pagenaud is married to Hailey McDermott. The couple was married outdoors in a wedding ceremony held at Napa, California, five months after Pagenaud took home in the Indianapolis 500. Hailey McDermott has been a active participant in Pagenaud’s race career as he stood beside him in important moments, such as his win in the race’s 103rd Indy 500. Their bond has been strong for many years and they continue to live their lives.

What happened to Simon Pagenaud?

After a serious crash in practice at the IndyCar Series weekend at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in July the 39 year-old French racer Simon Pagenaud has been absent from competition racing. Due to the crash, Meyer Shank Racing had to use the rotating cast of substitutes to complete the remainder of nine races in the series, including Conor Daly, Tom Blomqvist and Linus Lundqvist all taking turns driving the No. 60 Honda.

As we approach the 2024 season Tom Blomqvist has assumed the role of the team’s full-time driver for the start of the season. Additionally, Pagenaud, a prominent racer because of his win in the 2019 Indianapolis 500 victory and his 2016 IndyCar championship, has taken advantage of the time off to focus on his health and recovery by focusing on getting fit prior to returning to racing.

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