Sienna Weir’s Cause of Death: What Happened To Sienna Weir’s?

After hearing about the death of Miss Australia finalist Sienna Weir, people want to know more details. Read this article to learn how she died and other updates.

Who was Sienna Weir?

Sienna Weir was a finalist at the Australian Miss Universe 2022 pageant. She tragically died on May 4, 2023 due to injuries she sustained in a riding accident. Weir was passionate about horse riding since a young child and spoke of it in interviews.

She had a double degree in English Literature and Psychology from Sydney University, and planned to move to London for the purpose of expanding her professional and personal connections. Weir placed 27th in the Australian Miss Universe 2017 competition. After the accident, her family took the difficult decision of removing her from life support.

Cause of Death for Sienna Weir

Metro reported that Sienna Weir (23), a model from Sydney who was a finalist for the Miss Universe Australia 2022 contest, died after a tragic accident while horseback riding. Weir suffered serious injuries when her horse fell on April 2, while she was riding at Windsor Polo Grounds. She was taken to Westmead Hospital and placed on life support. This continued for several weeks until she died on May 4, 2005.

Tom Bull, Weir’s partner, shared his sadness on social media. Friends, family and modeling colleagues have all paid tribute to the talented influencer, who was a former student of SCEGGs Darlinghurst. The source claims that the Australia finalist, fashion model and former student of SCEGGs Darlinghurst died in a horse riding accident.

Miss Australia 2022 Finalist Sienna Weir Died

Sienna Weir was a finalist at the Miss Universe Australia 2022 Pageant. She died aged 23 after a tragic accident while horseback riding. Her agency, Scoop Management confirmed her death on Thursday. Her death is being mourned by the modeling and beauty pageant community.

Weir fell off her horse on April 2, 2023 while riding near Sydney, Australia. She was taken to Westmead Medical Centre in a critical condition, and she was on life support. On May 4, she sadly passed away.

Weir’s family issued a statement to inform her fans about the tragic news. The accident happened at Windsor Polo Grounds, an equestrian club located on the outskirts Sydney.

How Did Miss Australia 2022 Finalist Died? reported that Sienna Weir died at age 23 after a tragic horse-riding accident in Sydney. reports that the accident occurred on April 2, while Weir rode at Windsor Polo Grounds, Australia. Her horse fell and caused her to suffer serious injuries. She was put on life support for a few weeks before she was taken off the system on May 4.

Her agency Scoop Management confirmed her removal from life support on Thursday, after several weeks. The message was posted on Instagram. Tom Bull, Weir’s boyfriend, expressed his sadness, saying, “We loved in a way that was beyond love.”

She was injured in an accident on April 2, while riding at Windsor Polo Grounds, Australia. Despite receiving medical treatment at Westmead Hospital she died from her injuries. Scoop Management and her family announced that her family had made the difficult choice to remove her from life support.

Sienna Weir Death updates reported that Sienna Weir died in Sydney, after she was taken off life support due to injuries suffered in a horse riding accident.

Her agency, Scoop Management confirmed the tragic news via social media, with a message of love, “Forever In Our Hearts,” and a dove emoticon. Tom Bull, Sienna Bull’s partner, released a statement expressing his sorrow, saying “We loved with love that was beyond love.”

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