Shxtou Vtuber Wiki

Shxtou Vtuber Wiki

Shxtou, who also goes by the name Shoto, is a well-known YouTuber. This free-spirited English guy is an active participant in the collective known as Hanamori. On October 2, 2021, the adorable-appearing Shxtou made its first public appearance. The 24th of July is the day when Shxtou celebrates his birthday. Shaxtou vtuber age is 23.

In the town of Bakumori, he was born endowed with extraordinary abilities. Shoto is also known by the endearing nickname of Shottom. Before a terrible tragedy that occurred in the village where Shxtou lived, he used to live a life that was tranquil and lovely with his mother and father by his side. The character of Shxtou stands at a height of around 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Shoto Vtuber Wiki

The story of how an innocent boy became a demon slayer:

  • Shoto is a powerful sorcerer endowed with divine favour from birth.
  • Shoto’s first goal was to follow in his father’s footsteps and also become a baker. Unfortunately, he was never able to become the demon slayer he had always wanted to be.
  • The people of Bakumori used to worship the demons who discovered it because of the city’s close ties to magic; in exchange, the demons gave Shxtou its history, its skills, its arts, and the ways in which life was brought down via the people.
  • He started out not caring very much about finding out those details. When Shoto Also was younger, he was shunned by society because of a “talent” he received from God.
  • Shoto had a small group of close pals, including Ether, with whom he shared the deepest and most genuine mutual understanding despite their vast differences. He had instructed him in many areas, including academics and magic.
  • After a tragic tragedy, he and Ether fled the hamlet, where they encountered the enigmatic Damon, who put a spell on Shxtou.
  • Shoto met the mysterious demon, and under her spell, he lost all sense of time and place. In his confusion, she stabbed Ether.
  • His top priority was to rescue his dearest friend. So, he took Ether to the shrine where they had first met, despite his wounds. There, he could do nothing except helplessly play for the gods’ approval.
  • Somehow, one of the gods heard and answered. They ultimately rescued him and helped him recover. Yet, when he turned his gaze to Ether, he saw that nothing had changed.
  • He beseeched the gods to heal his friend’s fatal wounds, but the gods remained deafeningly mute.
  • In short order, he was completely alone. The two of them were the driving forces in his life from that point forward. His best friend’s soul was transferred into a knife, which he carried with him on his quest for vengeance and to kill demons.

Shxtou Face Reveal

Every single Vlogger likes to play a role in their videos rather than present their real identity. There is no exception to this rule for shoto. In addition, he finds it more convenient to conceal himself as the character of Shoto Vtuber. The individual who was hidden in the shadows behind Shxtou’s I’d has not yet shown his face to the people who are a part of his fans. He would much rather conceal himself from view behind a stunning pair of purple eyes with a gentleman who wears a purple hoddie.


Who is shxtou?

Shxtou, who also goes by the name Shoto, is a well-known YouTuber. This free-spirited English guy is an active participant in the collective known as Hanamori.

Is Shoto an independent VTuber?

Shxtou, better known as Shoto, is a renowned video blogger. This self-sufficient English guy is an active member of a gang that goes by the name Hanamori.

What was the name of Shxtou’s best friend?

Shoto never had more than a handful of close pals while he was growing up. Ether was the name of his closest companion. He was likewise endowed with the ability of magic, despite the fact that God had not bestowed his favour on him.



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