Seth Cesena Car Accident: Check Accident Details Here!

A 19-year-old was involved in the fatal crash of a car near Woodcrest in Riverside Details surrounding the accident and his condition remain unclear as emergency response personnel and police are investigating.

Seth Cesena Car Accident

In a tragic accident near Woodcrest in Riverside 19 year-old Seth Cesena has been involved in an auto accident that killed him. The accident, which occurred in Van Buren Boulevard near Whispering Spur Drive and involved the black car as well as an UPS truck as well as the blue Toyota Corolla.

The causes of the tragic incident are not clear. Emergency personnel are engaged as well as the Riverside County authorities have initiated an investigation to identify what factors contributed to the accident. Seth Cesena’s health and details of the incident are currently in doubt as of now.

About Seth Cesena

Seth Cesena, aged 19 was an living in Riverside. There isn’t much is publicized about him other than the tragic incident that took place near Woodcrest in Riverside.

The Riverside County Coroner’s Office identified Cesena as the victim in an automobile crash that killed that involved a black sedan an UPS truck and the blue Toyota Corolla. The reasons for the crash are still unclear however an inquiry is ongoing.

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