Senegal Coach Aliou Cisse Health Update: Where Is Aliou Cisse Now?

Keep up-to-date with the latest information on Senegal coach Aliou Cisse’s health following his hospitalization. Find out what transpired to Aliou Cisse, the Senegal national soccer team’s coach.

Senegal Coach Aliou Cisse Health Update

The soccer coach of Senegal, Aliou Cisse, has been discharged from the hospital following being unwell after the team’s victory of 3-1 over Cameroon at the Africa Cup of Nations. Cisse received treatment for an minor infection, and spent the night in the hospital to undergo tests. The results were satisfactory and he’s been able to return to the team. Despite the health issue but he was in good spirits as he spoke with reporters following the game. Senegal is currently on the final 16 of the tournament after having won the two matches in Group C and is preparing to face Guinea next Tuesday. This is great news for the fans and everyone is hoping Cisse remains healthy while he is coaching Senegal during the tournament.

Who is Aliou Cisse?

Aliou Cisse is a famous Senegalese football coach and former player who currently is the head coach of his team Senegal National team. Cisse became famous because he was the leader of the Senegal team that qualified for in 2002 the Africa Cup of Nations Final. In 2022, Cisse made history by being one of the only Senegal coach to be the winner of this tournament after making it to the final in the year 2019. Cisse started the career of his in France and then later joined English teams Birmingham City and Portsmouth.

As as a player, he was renowned for his defensive midfielder. He also played as a centre back. After a transition into the coaching profession, Cisse took over as the Head Coach of Senegal in the year 2015, following having a brief stint as the head coach in 2012. Cisse also served as an assistant coach for the Under-23 team from 2012 until 2013, before becoming the chief coach in 2013 until 2015.

NameAliou Cisse
Born24 March 1976
Birth PlaceZiguinchor, Senegal
Height1.80 1 m (5 ft 11 inches)
PositionsMidfielder, defender

Aliou Cisse Age

Aliou Cisse was born on March 24, 1976 from Ziguinchor, Senegal, making the age of 47 in the year of his birth. Cisse is a well-known person of Senegalese football, renowned for his contribution as an athlete and coach. Cisse’s professional career has been characterized by his ability in the role of a defensive midfielder, and an occasionally a center back. He has played for clubs from France and England and England, including Birmingham City and Portsmouth.

In his transition to coaching, he assumed the head coaching position for the Senegal national team in 2015 after previously serving in the role of assistant coach. He also had an interim stint as a interim coach in the year 2012. Cisse’s leadership has been crucial in the overall success that has been achieved by his Senegal team, as evidenced by their historic win at the Africa Cup of Nations in 2022.

Aliou Cisse Wife

Aliou Cisse is married to the Burundian wife. Cisse, the Senegalese team’s national coach as well as the team’s former captain has revealed this following in the 2021 AFCON with the Senegal team. It is known it is known that Cisse is a man of the family who puts his wife first and children. There are three of his daughters as well as two sons. He’s stated the desire of marrying an Senegalese woman, however Cisse ended up marrying the Burundian woman.

Aliou Cisse Career

Aliou Cisse was a star in his career both in playing as well as coaching. Beginning in Senegal and then moving to Paris with the intention that he would play at Paris Saint-Germain. His playing career was a mix of periods with Lille OSC, CS Sedan Ardennes, Paris Saint-Germain, as well as a loan stint for Montpellier Herault SC. In his capacity as captain, he steered his Senegal National team into the quarterfinals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup and later was a player in the English teams Birmingham City and Portsmouth.

After he retired from the sport at 33, he shifted to coaching and was appointed head coach of Senegal’s national team in 2015. Senegal nation’s national side in the year 2015. His coaching successes include leading his team through the 2017 FIFA World Cup, the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations final and finally securing victory during the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, and also reaching the knockout stage at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

What Happened to Aliou Cisse?

Aliou Cisse, the coach of the Senegal national soccer team has been discharged from the hospital following feeling sick following the team’s victory of 3-1 over Cameroon during the Africa Cup of Nations. The coach was diagnosed with a minor viral illness, and was admitted to the local hospital in Yamoussoukro for a series of tests. It was the Senegalese soccer federation has confirmed that tests confirmed that he was healthy and now he’s to his squad.

While he did feel sick, Cisse didn’t seem sick when he spoke with reporters following the match. The Senegal team’s spokeswoman, Kara Thioune, said that Cisse is doing fine. This is great news for Senegal which has just clinched their place in the last 16 by winning their second game from Group C. In the next round, Senegal will take on Guinea during their closing game of the group in Yamoussoukro on Tuesday.

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