Scott Sattler Tackle: Scott Sattler Grand Final Tack

Scott Sattler Tackle: Scott Sattler was a former player in professional rugby league who had a major impact on the Australian National Rugby League (NRL). His heroic tackle in the 2003 NRL Grand Final is widely considered to be one of the most memorable moments in the history the sport. We will be discussing Scott Sattler’s NRL career and his memorable tackle in the Grand Final. Also, we will discuss the role of John Sattler in Sattler’s life and his journey through rugby league. We will also answer five common questions and provide a table that summarizes key information about Scott Sattler’s career.

Scott Sattler Tackle – The Grand Final Moment That Defined His NRL career

Scott Sattler, a former rugby league player, played in the National Rugby League in Australia. His legendary tackle in the 2003 NRL Grand Final is regarded as one of the most memorable moments in the history the sport. This article will examine Scott Sattler’s NRL career, and the memorable tackle he made during the Grand Final.

Scott Sattler NRL Job

Scott Sattler was born in Brisbane, Australia, on January 20, 1972. His rugby league career began with the Canberra Raiders, where he played three seasons. He then joined the Penrith Panthers as a 1995 player. He was part of the 2003 Premiership-winning Panthers team for five seasons. After playing for the Panthers, Sattler played for Wests Tigers until he retired from professional rugby league.

Scott Sattler Grand Final Tack

The 2003 NRL Grand Final between Penrith Panthers & Sydney Roosters was a close-fought match with both teams performing at their best. With 20 minutes remaining in the game, the Panthers led 18-6 when the Roosters launched a counter attack. Todd Byrne, a Roosters winger, broke free and appeared set to score a try which would have put them within striking distance of a win. Scott Sattler’s stunning tackle stopped Byrne from scoring and prevented him from scoring the try. Sattler’s tackle was one of the most memorable moments in NRL history. The Panthers won the game 18-6.

Scott Sattler’s Fatherly Ultimatum for Son Scott

John Sattler was Scott’s father and a legend in rugby league. He played for the South Sydney Rabbitohs during the 1960s, 70s, and 70s. John was a part of four Grand Finals and won three. John gave Scott a choice when he was a teenager: either he would like to play rugby league or he would prefer a different career. The rest is history. Scott chose rugby league.

Scott Sattler’s Last Moments with His Legendary Dad

John Sattler, 79 years old, died in February 2021. Scott Sattler spoke out about the final days of his father in a interview. Scott said that he was there with his father as he breathed his last and that it was an honor to share those final moments with him. Scott spoke out about his father’s passion for rugby league, and how he was a mentor to many young rugby players.


  • Which NRL teams did Scott Sattler represent?

Scott Sattler was a member of the Penrith Panthers and Canberra Raiders in his NRL career.

  • What is Scott Sattler most famous for?

Scott Sattler is most well-known for his iconic tackle at the 2003 NRL Grand Final. It is one of the greatest moments of sport history.

  • What was John Sattler’s ultimatum for his son Scott?

John Sattler gave Scott the ultimatum to choose between rugby league and pursuing a different career.

  • What was the score in the 2003 NRL Grand Final between Penrith Panthers & Sydney Roosters

The Penrith Panthers won by 18-6 against the Sydney Roosters in the 2003 NRL Grand Final.

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