Sandra Sully Injury Update: What Happened To Sandra Sully?

Find the latest Sandra Sully injury update, and find out more about the Australian news anchor’s path towards recovery. Keep yourself updated on the veteran journalist’s health.

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Sandra Sully Injury Update

Sandra Sully, a well-known newscaster, recently drew the public’s attention as she appeared on TV with her hands wrapped in the form of a bandage. In a segment of 10 News First, people noticed that two fingertips on her left were wrapped by medical wrap and raised concerns regarding her health.

Sandra Sully had to undergo surgery for an injury of a minor nature that she sustained during the week preceding. Sandra Sully, who has been a major name in Australian television for a long time and is well-known for her journalism. She has been a member Ten News since 1990. Ten News team since 1990 and has even become being the first Australian journalist to cover 9/11. 11 attack on the terrorists. Thankfully, the news on her injuries is encouraging and she’s recovering.

In a more lighthearted note, in the spring of this year, Sandra Sully shared one of her most entertaining live television moment on her I’ve Got News For You podcast. Sandra Sully recounted a hilarious incident that involved a kangaroo at an event at the golf course and added a dash in humor for her lengthy and impressive broadcasting career.

Who is Sandra Sully?

Sandra Sully is an Australian journalist and news anchor. She’s been a part of Network Ten since 1990 and is currently host of 10 News First in Sydney and Queensland.

Sully was born in Brisbane, Australia, in 1965. She completed her journalism studies in the University of Queensland and started her career as a cadet reporter for Brisbane Courier-Mail. Brisbane Courier-Mail. In the following years, she was an anchor on Seven Network. Seven Network in Brisbane and Melbourne.

In the year 1990, Sully joined Network Ten and has been there for the last decade. Sully has hosted a variety of programs that include The national bulletin The TEN Eyewitness News and the morning news show, TEN Early News. Sully has also been known as the host of important events such as that of the Melbourne Cup and the Sydney Olympics. Sully is known for her calm and authoritative presentation style. This has earned her prizes such as her Logie Award for Most Outstanding News Presenter in 2000.

NameSandra Sully
Born18 February 1965
BirthplaceBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
OccupationsNews presenter, TV host, journalist, editor
Years Active1988-present
EmployerNetwork 10
Television10 News First
SpouseSymon Brewis-Weston (married in 2011)

Is Sandra Sully Married?

Sandra Sully is currently married to Symon Brewis-Weston. He is an attorney. They’ve been married since the year 2011 and have two children together.

Prior to her wedding to Symon Brewis-Weston Sully has been married before to Mark Ryan, a journalist and political advisor. Their union ended in divorce in 2006.

Sully is well-known for her honesty about her personal experiences of sexual assault and domestic violence. She is an ardent woman’s advocate. She actively protests against violence directed toward women.

As a tribute to her tireless efforts to increase awareness of the violence that women face, Sandra Sully received the Australian Human Rights Commission’s famous Human Rights Medal in 2019.

Sandra Sully Television Shows

1990s, 2020-presentTen Eyewitness News BrisbaneNewsreader
2011-present10 News First SydneyNewsreader
2016All Star Family FeudContestant
2017Have You Been Paying Attention?Guest quiz master
2018-2019I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!Celebrity guest
2019Hughesy, We Have a ProblemProblem with celebrities
2022The Masked SingerSelf

Sandra Sully Career

Sandra Sully’s professional career has been an amazing journey that has been that is characterized by her achievements and impact in the area of journalism. Born on the 18th of February 1965 located in Brisbane, Australia, Sandra Sully has grown to become an extremely admired and well-known newscasters across the world.

Sandra’s journey into journalism started in the early 1980s, when she began working for a local radio station in Queensland. Her love of storytelling and the desire to be a positive influence through media prompted her to take on a job in the field of television news. In 1988 she made her TV first appearance as a journalist with Channel Ten in Brisbane, in which she was quickly recognized by her professionalism and commitment to producing accurate and captivating news stories.

Sandra’s talents and dedication did not go unnoticed. her career took off in the 1990s when she relocated into Sydney for a position on in the Network Ten news team. There she established herself as an established persona for Australian television news. Her calm and authoritative style of delivery and her ability to engage viewers has made her a cherished name within the Australian media scene.

Through her professional profession, Sandra has received numerous distinctions and awards in recognition of her remarkable journalistic work. Sandra was recognized for her outstanding reporting, dedication to investigative journalism, as well as her contribution to journalism in general. Sandra’s professionalism and dedication has been an example for young journalists and an entrusted source of information for people across Australia.

In addition to her journalistic broadcasting, Sandra Sully is also recognized for her charitable work. Sandra Sully has been involved in numerous charitable organisations and initiatives making use of her platform to increase awareness and fund causes that are that are dear to her heart.

What Happened to Sandra Sully?

The well-known Ten news anchor Sandra Sully recently made headlines her own due to an injury. On a show from 10 News First, viewers observed that two fingertips on her left hand are covered in an elastic bandage. The possibility of what could happen for the veteran journalist.

Network 10 later confirmed that Sandra Sully had indeed suffered an injury and had undergone minor operation for her finger. The accident happened within the past week, but Sully was said to be in good health and was on her way towards recovering. Sully has been a recognizable persona in Australian television news. she has been part of The Ten News team since 1990 and is well-known for her storied coverage of events, such as 9/11. 11 terror attacks. The fans of Sully are glad to know that she’s recuperating and wish her quick recovery.

Is Sandra Sully Injured?

Indeed, Sandra Sully, a veteran of the news industry is suffering from an injury. Sandra Sully recently was for 10 News First with her hand severely bandaged, leading to some viewers to be concerned. Network 10 confirmed that she was treated for minor injuries after sustaining one small injury in the week prior.

The positive news is that she’s getting better and is on the road towards healing. Sandra Sully has been a well-known name in Australian TV journalism. She has been a member of the Ten News team since 1990.

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