Sam Docherty Illness: What Illness Does Sam Docherty Have?

Sam Docherty fought testicular carcinoma, a serious disease affecting the testicles. Find out how this illness affected Sam Docherty.

Sam Docherty Illness

Sam Docherty was a footballer in the AFL who faced a difficult battle against testicular carcinoma. The testicle is a part of your body that can be affected by this illness. Sam went through two rounds of chemotherapy to defeat this cancer.

He didn’t quit. He told his story to others and raised money for cancer research. Sam’s story encouraged many people to visit their doctor for checkups and early detection of illnesses such as cancer.

Sam was a leader both on and off of the football field despite his illness. Sam used his football platform to have a positive influence on the community. He became an ambassador of programs to help children and those going through difficult times.

Who is Sam Docherty?

Sam Docherty plays Australian Rules Football for the Carlton Football Club of the Australian Football League. Born on October 17, 1993, he is a talented defender. Docherty began his AFL career with the Brisbane Lions, but moved to Carlton later in 2014.

He has been a major player for Carlton, and has received awards such as the John Nicholls medal. Docherty began his football career in his youth on Phillip Island where he played Junior Football. He has been injured along the way but is still known for his commitment to the sport and contributions to his team.

NameSam Docherty
Date of birthOctober 17, 1993
Place of birthWonthaggi, Victoria
Current ClubCarlton Football Club
AFL CareerBrisbane Lions

Sam Docherty Age

Sam Docherty has 29 years of age. He was born October 17, 1993 and is currently in his late 20s. Sam is an Australian Rules Footballer who has played in the Australian Football League. Despite a few injuries, he’s been a valuable member of the Carlton Football Club and achieved many honors.

Sam Docherty Career

Sam Docherty, an Australian Rules Footballer with a successful career within the Australian Football League. He started his professional career with the Brisbane Lions, where he had to overcome some challenges because of injuries.

Docherty joined Carlton Football Club, in 2014, and quickly established himself as a key member of the defense. During his career, he has won several awards including the All Australian Team selection in 2017, and the John Nicholls medal in 2016, awarded to Carlton’s best and most fair player. Docherty is a valuable member of his club and continues to make a contribution to Australian rules football.

Sam Docherty, throughout his career, has demonstrated resilience and determination. He has overcome injuries and setbacks in order to become a prominent AFL defender. The passion he has for the game is evident in his journey from Phillip Island, his hometown, to the AFL. Docherty’s achievements and impact in the AFL show his dedication to the sport.

Sam Docherty Height

Sam Docherty is 6 feet 1 inch tall, or 185 centimeters. He is a little taller than average for men in many countries. Sam’s height is a great asset on the football pitch, particularly in his role as an effective defender.

Sam Docherty net worth

Sam Docherty is believed to have a net worth of around $5 million. This wealth was earned through his professional career as a football player in Australia Football League. He has been a prominent player in the Australian Football League for many years.

Sam Docherty is a wealthy man, with a net worth of $5 million. He earned this money by playing Australian Rules Football in the AFL.

Sam Docherty Familie

Sam Docherty and his family are now even bigger. On January 5, 2023, Sam, an AFL star and Natalie welcomed their first baby, a beautiful girl named Ruby Docherty. It’s a special occasion because Sam was very ill with cancer but he battled hard and returned to play AFL. Now they have a new member to their family.

They even posted a picture of Ruby in a blanket. It’s an amazing moment for the family, and a sign of hope in the midst of a difficult time.

Nat, Sam’s spouse, was able to have a smooth pregnancy. She didn’t get sick in the mornings, like many mothers do. Sam’s return made the family feel that things were returning to normal. They received a lot support from friends and members of the AFL.

The news is a great joy for their family and they are thankful for the well wishes and love they have received. Sam isn’t just a footballer; he also raised money for people who have cancer. Ruby Docherty is an important and special moment in their family.

What is the disease that Sam Docherty has?

AFL player Sam Docherty fought testicular cancer in two rounds, inspiring others with his story. He raised funds for cancer research and actively supported cancer-related charities.

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