Salud De Silvina Luna Health Update: What Illness Does Salud De?

The popular model and actress Silvina Luna’s situation has seen positive changes after she was placed intubated and put into an pharmacological coma. recent updates show that she has awake and conscious again.

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Salud De Silvina Luna Health Update

According to a health update from the medical staff of the Buenos Aires health facility, model Silvina Luna has been receiving medical care in the Italian Hospital since June 13 and is believed as being in good health condition. The medical examination carried out on Wednesday night shows that she is in a state of lucidity, with a clear and alert conscious state.

Furthermore, her vital indicators are considered stable, indicating a good overall health condition. The medical team is continuing to provide the necessary treatment and monitoring to aid Silvina Luna’s healing.

What happened To Salud De Silvina Luna?

Silvina Luna’s medical condition has been marked by major changes. At the time, she needed an intubation procedure and was put in the pharmacological condition known as a coma. Recent reports suggest that she is regaining consciousness and is currently awake. Despite taking a substantial amount of medication to treat her symptoms, Silvina has been believed to be alert and capable of using her cell phone, though she might not be able to respond to messages.

The kinesiologists’ tireless efforts have been vital to her ongoing care, offering daily treatment to aid in restoring her strength and mobility. Since she was bedridden by medical equipment for over a month and a half, the focus is to assist her in regaining her ability to move and walk around independently. The medical team will continue to monitor her development and provide the required assistance to assist her in regaining her mobility.

Salud De Silvina Luna Health

Silvina Luna’s health status has been reviewed through her friends and family, through the lawyer Fernando Burland. After one month of hospitalization Silvina is still in the care of medical staff at the Buenos Aires health center, with stable vital indicators and clarity. The most recent health evaluation shows that she is taking oral nutrition, is undergoing dialysis three times per week, and is enrolled in a program for muscle rehabilitation.

Based on her progress considering her good progress, the plan is to move Silvina to an ward of a general hospital within the next few days where she will continue receive the care she needs. The lawyer of the family, Fernando Burlando, stated that more information regarding Silvina’s condition and ongoing recovery will be released on Friday, in addition to the epicrisis reports.

The message that Silvina’s family members expresses gratitude for the sincere and genuine concern shown by all who have followed her journey from when she began this difficult time.

Salud De Silvina Luna Illness

Silvina Luna’s condition has been reported to her friends and family members and with the help of lawyer Fernando Burlando. It’s been a month since she was admitted to the hospital, and the most recent medical report that was provided by the medical team from the Buenos Aires health facility states that Silvina Luna who was taken admission at the Italian Hospital on June 13 she is “lucid and has stable vital symptoms.”

She is currently in a good state with regular vital symptoms. Based on the most recent review of her health, she is still receiving oral diet, receive dialysis 3 times a week and is enrolled in a muscle rehabilitation program. These treatments are designed to enhance her overall health and assist in her healing process. Silvina’s family, friends as well as medical professionals are committed to her health and treatment.

who do you think is Salud De Silvina Luna?

Salud De Silvina Luna, often referred to as Silvina Luna, is a famous model and actress who has been recognized in the world of entertainment. She’s been admitted at the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires since June 13 which is where she receives medical attention. Silvina’s family and close friends together with lawyer Fernando Burlando, have been updating her about her health.

Silvina Luna’s work in modeling and acting has helped to increase her fame and has made her a prominent model. While the specifics of her condition are not yet available, it is well-known that she is being treated for her illness that includes dialysis therapy, oral nutrition every three days, and taking part in a rehabilitation program.

The concern and support from the public has been apparent Silvina’s family and friends have expressed their appreciation for the concern shown towards her health. As her health condition improves the latest information will be shared by her lawyer, Fernando Burlando, who is working closely with her family and close friends for keeping people updated.

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