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Ryan Callinan: Who are you?

.Ryan Callinan, a Newcastle surfer of 30 years old, is here. After a difficult rookie year in 2016, he was back on the Championship Tour for his second year. Callinan is expected to be a strong wildcard finisher in 2019, including second place in France where he beat Gabriel Medina. He shares many similarities with his peers, being a young surfer from Australia who has been skipping school to chase waves. However, his achievements in surfing films have not led to any major awards.

Ryan Callinan Parents

Ryan Callinan was born to Garry and Janice Callinan. Ryan Callinan is a professional surfer from Newcastle. He is well-known for reaching the top four, which was previously achieved by former world No. 2 Luke Egan, 2005. Callinan considers Merewether Beach his home. Callinan was unable to requalify after his father, Garry, died from leukemia in 2016. Ryan Callinan suffered another tragedy in 2017, when Janice, his mother, died suddenly less than 15 months after his father’s death.

Ryan Callinan Hobbies

Ryan spoke passionately about reading and said that Tim Ferris’ book “Tools for Titans” was what inspired his interest in meditation. He had read about meditation in books, but he wasn’t sure he was interested. Ryan was intrigued by “Tools of Titans” and discovered the stories of successful people who had attributed meditation to their success.

Ryan’s Statement on Losing His Parents

Ryan said that he had firsthand experience with both sides of grief after losing his parents over the years. While his father was ill for a long time before passing away, Ryan’s mother’s death was sudden. He saw her in the morning and she was gone by afternoon. Although it was a terrible experience, it forced him to face the tragedy and find ways of coping. He would give anything to get them back, but he recognizes that these experiences accelerated his growth into the person he is today and the person he dreams to be.

He discovered that surfing and other trivialities are not the most important things in life. Because they are more important than money, material possessions, careers and money, friends, family and yourself are what matter the most. Ryan often thinks about his parents, but he uses their loss to reflect on his own life and develop a better attitude towards it.

Ryan Callinan Networth

According to some sources, Ryan Callinan’s net worth is $18 million. Ryan must have made a lot of money over his entire career. He must have worked hard to achieve this level. Ryan Callinan suffered a terrible loss in February 2016, just before his rookie year. His father died after a long fight with leukemia. Ryan and his family were devastated by this tragic loss. He gained fame and net wealth despite all of his losses.

Ryan Callinan Biography

Ryan Callinan was conceived in Newcastle, New South Wales on the 27th of May 1992. He is 183cm tall and 80kg in weight.

SpecificationsMore Details
NameRyan Callinan
Season one2009 Men’s QS
DOBMay 27, 1992
Height6 ft. 1 in 183 cm
Weight176 lbs 80kg
HometownNewcastle, New South Wales Australia

Ryan Callinan Men’s Championship Tour 2023 Results

Name of the EventPlacePointsDefeated by
Billabong Pro Pipeline9th3,320Caio Ibelli
Hurley Pro Sunset Beach17th1,330Caio Ibelli
MEO Rip Curl Portugal9th3,320Jack Robinson
Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach2nd7,800Ethan Ewing

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