Ryan Autrand Death and Obituary: How Did Ryan Autrand Died?

Ryan Autrand’s death on the 16th of November 2023 is a devastating loss for Fort Smith in sadness and is known for his skill and compassion his legacy speaks of his talent and determination and his courageous fight against cancer adds a touching element to his story.

What Happened to Ryan Autrand?

The popular tattooist from Fort Smith, Arkansas, Ryan Autrand, passed away on November 16 2023. He left his family and friends in sadness. Renowned for his expertise and compassion his sudden death has been a burden on those close to him, his loved ones as well as his clients.

Autrand’s tattooing journey was characterized by an unwavering love of tattooing and an desire to be connected with the people who live outside his own studio. The passing of Autrand is an immense loss not only for those who were closest to him, but to the industry of tattoos as well as the general public. The life of Autrand and his work will remain in the memory as an source of inspiration to many.

Who was Ryan Autrand?

Ryan Autrand, a skilled and devoted tattoo artist, operating and owning Ink Spot Tattoo Studio, providing unique designs to his customers. As an instructor and member of the Arkansas Tattoo Association, he taught fellow tattoo artists, and was well-known for his professionalism and kindness.

Autrand was loved by his creative and skilled in building a loyal customer base that praised his work and his warm personality. In addition to his thriving career, Autrand was also a dedicated spouse of Erica Autrand, a nurse and beauty business owner.

Their family was comprised of two children including a son and one daughter. He had a strong relationship and his father, Tery along with Nina Autrand who helped him in managing his business.

Beyond his work, Autrand was an enthusiastic traveler who explored various countries such as Italy, France, Spain as well as Australia. He loved outdoor activities like hiking, skiing and biking, showing his adventurous side. Autrand’s passion for family, art and adventure was the foundation of his life’s journey and left a lasting impression on the people who were around him.

How Did Ryan Autrand Die?

Ryan Autrand, the well-known tattoo artist who hails from Fort Smith, Arkansas, passed away on Thursday November 16, 2023. While the precise details of his passing are secret, sources reveal that he was identified with cancer in 2021.

Autrand was undergoing treatment and fighting the disease with optimism. Despite his efforts to work and create artwork, the condition deteriorated and he passed away peacefully passing at 37 on the 16th of November 2023, in his residence in Fort Smith.

Ryan Autrand’s legacy Ryan Autrand reflects excellence, beauty and the spirit of. Being one of the most influential and admired tattooists in Fort Smith, Autrand’s creativity and talent encouraged many to follow their passions and talents.

Alongside his contribution in the field of tattoos, Autrand has also supported many causes and groups, causing an impact on the next generation of tattoo artists as well as the general public.

Ryan Autrand Obituary

In in loving memory in loving memory of Ryan Autrand, the renowned tattoo artist of Fort Smith, Arkansas, who passed away peacefully on the 16th of November 2023, aged 37 years old. Although the precise details of his passing remain private however it is with great sadness that we inform you that he’d been fighting a battle against cancer since 2021.

Despite his brave battle and perseverance Ryan’s health deteriorated and he passed away in his Fort Smith home. An artist of true the source of inspiration, Ryan Autrand’s story of excellence extends beyond his famed work as Ryan was not just an acknowledged name in the world of tattoos, but an incredibly supportive teacher in the role of a model for those who wanted to become artists.

His visionary work and contribution to the causes that support art and education like his work with the Arkansas Tattoo Association, the Arkansas Arts Council, and the MusiCares Foundation, will forever be remembered.

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