Rutherford Car Accident {July} Must Read!

Rutherford Car Accident

This article gives all the details regarding Rutherford Car Accident and additional information about the injuries and death.

As the population grew it was evident that there was an rise in the demand for different automobiles, which in turn increased the possibility of accidents. It’s so heartbreaking to know that these people are mostly young, just like what happened to four boys who were just a few years old.

Have you figured out who these Four boys who were there? Do you know if the were able to survive or did not? Do you know the location and time the tragedy occurred? Did you know that the reports were emanating out of Australia and the United Statesand Australia? If you’re not sure, don’t fret; simply read this article and you’ll be able to get your questions about this incident. Rutherford Car Accident .

What transpired in the accident?

A young boy, who was just 17 years old, who was the Rutherford driver discovered dead. He was driving along with three acquaintances who sustained injuries and taken to a nearby hospital after their vehicle crashed into the Route 3 utility pole on Friday afternoon.

The driver was discovered dead during the incident, and was reported to John Russo, Rutherford police chief. It was reported that the other three boys were all 17 years old. The Bureau of Criminal Identification took the case as did the Bergen county department was informed of this incident. Rutherford Car Accident .

What caused the incident?

The incident occurred near the border road, Wheaton place on the Friday afternoon. According to the police officer, the BMW car was struck by a pole. Firefighters were on the scene and worked for two hours in order to rescue one person who was stuck. The officer claimed that the firefighters suffered minor injuries as well the area was declared closed because of the accident and the incident did not appear suspicious and appeared to be a normal car crash.

John Russo shared his hearty thoughts about how firefighters and hospital personnel arrived on time to Rutherford Car Accident and stayed for hours in spite of the fact that they were injured when they were saving. The name and other information aren’t yet available and remain in the dark however, it’s obvious that their families were shocked by what transpired The news was being spread throughout the entire region like a fire. The vehicle was engulfed in flames after it crashed into an electrical pole. The boys weren’t able to escape and one of them was trapped, but it was the fire department who stopped the car at the perfect time otherwise, his the escape route, which would have cost him his life.

Rutherford Car Accident – Reactions:

The boy’s death was the cause of the crash the news was went viral across the region. The entire population expressed their sadness in the wake of the loss of his life in the horrific crash. Officer expresses his sorrow too.


In this report we can conclusively say that it’s devastating to witness a small child die in a car accident with three of his friends with similar age. The three were injured and were taken to the hospital in time, making sure they lived. Follow the provided link to get more details.

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