Royce Lewis Injury Update: What Happened To Royce Lewis?

Royce Lewis Injury Update is shared. A highly regarded MLB prospect, Royce Lewis faced a major setback after he suffered a 2nd ACL injury in the 2022 season.

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Who is Royce Lewis?

Royce Oliver Lewis is a dynamic shortstop in Major League Baseball. He is a shining example of talent and passion. He was the Twins’ first-round pick in the 2017 MLB draft. His unwavering dedication helped him to achieve this. Lewis’ professional journey was met with a palpable sense of anticipation. Lewis’s awe-inspiring abilities ignited the field during the scorching summer 2017. On June 26, Lewis made his professional debut for the Gulf Coast League Twins, a Rookie-level Gulf Coast League team. He left an imprint from the start.

His level of play increased as his star rose. His rapid growth was exemplified by his August promotion to the Cedar Rapids Kernels in the Single-A Midwest League. Lewis’s extraordinary abilities were evident in the numbers. Lewis captivated both fans and opponents with a combined batting of.279 and four home runs. He also had 27 RBIs and 18 stolen bases. In 2018, he continued to show his passion as he returned home to Cedar Rapids and left opponents in his wake. He batted an impressive.315, launched nine home runs, collected 53 RBIs and quickly swiped 22 base, all while accumulating a remarkable 50 runs. Lewis’s electric performance rang out, heralding an exciting future.

On July 14, 2018, his journey took a new turn when the Fort Myers Miracle of the High A Florida State League called him. Lewis’ versatility and prowess were on display as he received accolades from, which ranked him the 10th-best prospect in baseball for July 26. Lewis is a force to be reckoned, and he has left a lasting impact in Fort Myers. He smashed five home runs, driving in 21 RBIs, over 46 games.

Lewis’ 2018 season was crowned by his selection as a Midwest League all-star postseason. This accolade cemented Lewis’ status as an MVP. His incredible journey is a testimony to his unyielding dedication, unwavering passion, and unwavering devotion to the game. Royce Lewis is a true athlete who embodies the essence of passion and accomplishment with every swing of the baseball bat and each graceful play on the field. His presence on the baseball field creates excitement and inspires a new generation. This remarkable talent has endless possibilities in the future, and the entire world is eager to see what he will do on the hallowed baseball diamond.

Royce Lewis Injury Update

Royce Lewis left Sunday’s match after a collision with the first baseman. It initially appeared that he had suffered a serious neck injury. While attempting to block a throw from the Cleveland Guardians’ first baseman, Gabriel Arias he collided. Lewis was thrown into the air by the impact and landed on his neck and face. It was a shocking sight. Lewis was wearing his helmet which probably prevented further injury. Lewis was able to leave the field without assistance after being treated by Twins trainers for several minutes, despite the severity of his injury. It is unclear what the full extent of the injury was, but it’s nothing less than miraculous that he managed to leave the field unassisted after being attended by Twins trainers for several minutes.

Lewis’s involvement in this play makes it all the more frightening. Twins fans know all about his tragic history of injuries. This incident is not isolated from his recent return. Lewis returned to the Twins lineup just a week earlier after an injury that ended his season. Lewis made a huge impact in his first game after returning to the Twins lineup. He hit a three run home run, and played a crucial role in the team’s comeback win over the Houston Astros.

Lewis’ return has been a great boost for the team. He has lived up to the expectations of fans who have followed him since his draft as the No. The No. 1 overall pick for 2017 was Lewis. After such a triumphant comeback and in a period of celebration, it is devastating to see him suffer a setback. The fact that Lewis walked off the field on his own is a positive sign. This suggests that a worst-case scenario was avoided. The full extent of the injury and its severity are still unknown. For the latest information about Royce Lewis’s injury, it is best to check reliable news sources and official team announcements.

Twins’ Royce Lewis Avoids Serious Injuries

Lewis was trying to throw to the first base when he collided into Cleveland Guardians’ first baseman Gabriel Arias. Lewis flipped into the air after the collision and landed on his neck and face. It was a frightening moment for all involved. Lewis was wearing his helmet, which may have helped to lessen the severity of his injury. He was able, after several minutes of lying on the ground, to get up and walk away from the field. This is a good sign. The extent of the injury is not yet known, and further testing will be required to determine its severity.

Lewis’ injury history is especially disheartening. Last year, Lewis suffered an ACL injury that ended his season. His return to the Twins’ lineup was a source for excitement and hope among fans. Lewis’s three-run homer in his first game after returning was a major contribution to the Twins comeback win against Houston Astros. Lewis has a lot of talent and potential. His return to the field is a major milestone in his professional career. This recent incident is even more tragic for Lewis and his fans because he’s had multiple injuries setbacks.

Royce Lewis gave an update on his health after the terrifying collision at first base that occurred during Sunday’s 2-1 loss by the Twins to the Guardians. He said he expected to be sore, but remained in a good mood. The incident happened when he collided against Cleveland first baseman Gabriel Arias. This caused him to flip and land face down on his back with his neck bent forward as his legs crossed his body. Rocco Balidelli, the manager of the Twins, assured that tests did not show any signs of a possible concussion. The Twins will monitor Lewis’s health closely in preparation for Tuesday’s game against the Rays.

Royce Lewis Injury Information

Royce Lewis was diagnosed with an ACL tear on February 24, 2021. Surgery was scheduled for the 26th of that month. It was his second injury and he missed the entire season of 2021. Lewis, despite feeling good about his rehab progress, found himself grounded and waiting to get back on the field. Lewis, a gifted athlete and the first pick in the 2017 amateur drafting, was all too familiar with the challenges and emotional swings of rehab.

He had already missed the entire 2020 season due to the pandemic, but now he faces the added setback of having his ACL torn a second-time on May 29, 2021. His anticipated return to major league baseball was delayed to late July or June. Lewis, who had reached the milestone of six months on December 21st, was keen to speed up his rehab. However, he recognized that he needed time to recover properly. Lewis understood that the time he took could have an impact on his career.

He acknowledged that he had more good days than bad, but his desire to compete for a place on the Twins 2023 roster and earn a position remained. Lewis, despite the difficulties he faced, maintained a long-term perspective and valued the knowledge he gained during his journey. This did not, however, completely stifle his desire to return to the field and be a part of the team.

Royce Lewis Family

Royce Lewis was born in Aliso Viejo to William and Cindy Lewis. William and Cindy are the driving forces behind the winery restaurants that showcase their passion for food and wine. Royce showed a deep love of baseball at a very young age. This sport would become his passion. He studied at JSerra Catholic High in San Juan Capistrano (California) where he honed baseball skills. In his junior year, he was named the LA Times High School Baseball Player of the Year for his exceptional talent and performances.

Royce Lewis, as he rose to fame, was lucky to have his parents’ unwavering support. They not only encouraged his talent, but also shared a love of the game. William and Cindy Lewis were baseball fans themselves, so they played an important role in nurturing their son’s love for the game. William became a successful founding partner of the “The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar”, a renowned establishment in Tustin, and Newport Beach. Cindy continued to pursue her passion of making beautiful necklaces. They raised their two children, Royce, and Rylie, his younger sister, in Aliso Viejo, a welcoming community.

Royce Lewis’ upbringing was based on the strong Christian values of his Lewis family. His faith and their support guided him through his journey and helped him become the exceptional individual he has become today. Royce is a mixed-race man with an African-American mother and a Caucasian father. His background adds to his diverse life.

Rylie Lewis stood beside Royce Lewis as he became the new face of Minnesota Twins. She supported him in his incredible journey. Although Rylie keeps her Instagram private, she is still felt by her 641 Instagram followers. This shows the close bond between the Lewis siblings. Baseball has become a family passion in the Lewis home. It is more than a game. William and Cindy Lewis’ unwavering support and love have made Royce’s career a success. They have instilled in him the values that have taken him to the top of baseball.

Royce Lewis Girlfriend

Samantha Hobert is Royce Lewis’ girlfriend. She shares the excitement with his fans. She has been by his side for the majority of her career. Samantha has supported Royce from the moment he made his MLB debut. She never wavered in her encouragement, and always cheered him on. She is well-versed in the challenges and demands of the pro athlete lifestyle. Royce and Samantha didn’t date while they were at JSerra High School. However, their relationship blossomed afterward.

Samantha documented their journey on Instagram. Royce made his first appearance in her feed in 2018 shortly after he was selected by the Minnesota Twins at the 2017 MLB Draft. Samantha, despite the long-distance demands of their relationship, made it a point to support Royce while he played baseball in the High A Florida State League. This showed their commitment to make their love work amidst Royce’s baseball career. Samantha, or Sam, as she is known to her family, was born in California on October 12, 1998. She comes from a family that is deeply involved in the athletic world.

Her father, Billy Joe Hobert had a successful career in football as a quarterback for Washington. He was then drafted by Los Angeles Raiders at the 1993 NFL Draft. He played professionally for nine years. Samantha’s mom, Danielle played soccer for Sonoma State and was also passionate about sports. Samantha grew up with her four siblings, Taylor, Kennedy and Mackenzie. Kennedy Hobert played basketball for George Fox University, following in her family’s footsteps.

Joey Hobert was a wide-receiver for the Washington State Football team before transferring over to the Utah Tech team. Taylor Maher chose a different career path. She became a labor-and-delivery nurse and enjoyed motherhood. Mackenzie Maher and Kennedy Kennedy are both married. Samantha’s childhood was shaped by the closeness of the Hobert family and their shared love for sport. This has helped her to understand and support Royce and his athletic journey.

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