Robber Clerk Stabs {Aug} Read Complete Incident Details!

Robber Clerk Stabs

This article provides all information about the Robber Clerk Stabs as well as additional details on the scene following the robbery. Check out our blog for more.

Have you been aware of the recent robbery at the store? Have you heard about the whole incident? If not, this is the article you have to read. The robbers ran into the store and stole everything but were injured. After the incident the video footage went all over the United States.

In this article we will go over everything we know about this Stealing of the Robber from Clerk incident. Read our blog below to learn more.

The store has robbers

The latest incident in which thieves were trying to rob a store has become well-known to all following the video clip that became viral on social media. According to accounts, two of the robbers thought to be juveniles, attempted to rob a smoke-shop located in Los Angeles on 3rd August 2022. When they got into the smoke shop the proprietor of the store, who was portrayed by Jonny Nguyen inquired what the motive behind wearing a mask over their faces. However, the robbers refused to say one word.

Jonny Nguyen, the owner of the shop was terrified and Store Clerks Stabs Attacker The shopkeeper was frightened and Store Clerk Stabs Attackerwith an instrument sharp. The shopkeeper had been using a knife to defend himself. when an armed robber tried to leap across the counter Nguyen struck the robber with that weapon.

Information on the incident of robbery:

The incident of robbery was dramatic. Two robbers entered the shop to steal the shop. However, they did not realize that the shop’s owner was using a knife to defend himself. the moment one of the youngsters attempted to leap across the counter Nguyen his shop’s owner became scared and slapped the robber.

Following the After the the Robber Clerk stabs the robber, he began screaming that he had died and was thrown to the floor after he was repeatedly struck by this instrument. When one of the thieves was struck by the other robber, the second robber fled out of the shop in an attempt to shield himself.

The owner of the shop Jonny Nguyen contacted the police along with an ambulance. The shopkeeper also admitted that they had weapons that could be dangerous but he did not attempt to attack the robber in a deliberate manner because he was scared. It was not long before the robber attempt to leap over the counter, than he struck the criminal.

Incident after Robber Clerk Stabs:

The police arrived at the smoke shop near an intersection between Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard following Nguyen phoned them. They been able to arrest the robbers and said that the robber was alive after being hit by the sharp object.

NOTE: All the information included in this article has been extracted from internet-based sites. We didn’t provide any of our own words. We don’t endorse any product or service. The information provided here are purely for informational basis.


The incident of robbery was dramatic. This article provides all information you need. For those who want to find out more information regarding this Robbery event within Los Angeles, go to this link.

This article contains all details regarding the the Robber Clerk Stabs This article will provide all the information about the incident and further details the scene following the robbery.

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