Rip Ajax Sept 10 1980: Know Who Was The Culprit?

Rip Ajax Sept 10 1980

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The most important stage in our lives is school. It is also where we feel safe and secure. What if we take you to the institutions where the tragedy occurred, resulting in the deaths of innocents?

In this composition, we will remove Rip Ajax Sept 10, 1980 details. We will also highlight another similar case, which was recently published.

Who was Ajax?

Adrian Precia, also known by Ajax was a student at Spingarn High School. According to reports, Ajax was with his friends in the concert hall on September 10, 1980 when one of his friends began bartering with him using a pistol. His mate shot him with his weapon, leading to Ajax’s death on the spot.

The threads indicate that he was 16 when he died. The investigation also concluded that he died accidentalally after the accident.

Why was Spingarn High School closed?

Ajax’s death was the first murder of a schoolboy in the area. The sources also revealed that student numbers had started to decline, which led to the closure of the school by the authorities in 2013. Let’s now look at the murderer of Ajax in our next section.

Who was The Culprit

We found out that Michael Joseph Pratt was responsible for killing Ajax by using the threads. We also learned that Pratt was only 18 at the time of the incident in 1980. The case was popular in that time period, but it declined with the passing of time. Rip Ajax’s Sept. 10, 1980 source also pointed out that we are still not sure of the status of the case.

Responses of Students and The Authority

Many people shared their thoughts after the terrible incident, including Spingarn’s friends and the institution. Another source claims that we saw Tanya Brown, one of Spingarn’s students, explain about the tragedy. Similar to the previous investigation, no clues were found about the planned murder.

The institution head said that they couldn’t predict what would happen as the misfortune was affecting two regular students. We were trying to find answers to the question “Why did Spingarn High School close?” We noticed that they also said that the weapon was too small to be identified immediately.

Latest Connected Incident

Ajax’s shooting case was trending on the Internet on February 15, 2022. According to this news, Jahiem Robinson was a 14-year old boy who was in 12th grade. He was then murdered by his 18 year-old male friend.

Scarborough High School was the victim of the disaster, which caused tension among students. The identity of the evildoer is still unknown. People are now talking about Ajax’s Shooting case because similar situations are still occurring globally.


This post explains the connected links to Rip Ajax Sept 10, 1980. This case also occurred at Spingarn High school, and it is now sealed.

We have described the matter using online sources and are not qualified to judge the authority of the subject. Have any questions? Please leave your comments below.



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