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Does Amazon really care about the micro-economics? Amazon is an internationally recognized multinational corporation that has millions of customers in Canada, the United States,the United Kingdom,and Canada. The Prime Day Amazon provides you with the chance to support small-scale businesses and win thrilling prizes. Small entrepreneurs and customers are delighted to be participant in Prime Day. Amazon Prime day. In this article, we’ll provide our readers with information about Prime Day Sweepstakes Small Business and provide other information.

What is Amazon Prime Day? Sweepstakes?

Amazon Prime day has begun on the 21st of June 2022 and will run until the 11th of July in 2022. A lot of people are interested in supporting small-scale businesses. During this special day, Amazon started supporting small companies by selling their goods on the Amazon store, even when they’ve set up an entire section dedicated to small-sized companies. This was a great day that makes it easier for shoppers to shop at small-sized sweepstakes for businesses. Amazon has introduced an emblem that helps shoppers distinguish products from smaller shops and Artisans.

How to enter Amazon Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes for Small Businesses

In order to help small businesses win sweepstakes to help small businesses, Amazon offers their customers to be part of the experience they offer, by giving them the chance to help customers win thrilling prizes. These prizes will be available for customers who meet the requirements for eligibility.

In order to purchase one item the customer has to pay $1. They are required to purchase items from small and artisan-owned businesses. We’d like to recommend that our readers search for items with an emblem on their products. The more you purchase, the greater your chance of winning.

What prizes can you expect to win in Amazon Sweepstakes 2022?

Here’s a winners’ list

  • A trip for 2 Super Bowl-LVII in the amount of $24,500
  • A trip for two as well as VIP ticket at the Carnival Music Festival (The Camp Gnaw flog) worth $6500
  • VIP tickets to the festival of music held in Las Vegas and Los Angeles is worth $6500.
  • A special screening with two of the best video’s Lord Of Rings: The Ring Of Power valued at $7500.

Amazon Gift card reward

The 114,260 winners will receive an Amazon gift cards of $5,000 1,500, $1,000 250, $100 and $50, based on their prize level. One winner will win a prize from each category. The various Amazon Prime Day Sweepstakes Small-scale businesses inspire shoppers to buy from smaller shops and win prizes.

Within five business days, the winners will be connected to Amazon using the email addresses they provided to them at the time of entry. Winners are required to access the website provided via Amazon in order to receive their prize and submit their details.


This article provides the most important details about Amazon Prime day and gives readers an idea on how they can participate in Amazon Prime day. For more information and to participate in this sweepstakes, read here. sweepstakes for prime day check out this article

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