Piloo Reporter Passed Away: What Happened To Piloo Reporter?

International cricket umpire, Piloo Reporter died at the age of age 84 in Thane. He was the first to pioneer neutral umpiring, officiating at historical Test matches as well as in the World Cup in 1992. World Cup.

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Piloo Reporter Passed Away

Piloo Reporter, who was a Former international umpire has passed away in the year 84 in his Thane residence in Thane. The cause of his death has not been disclosed. He had a long and distinguished career and was a referee in 22 ODIs. He was known for his humorous personality. He was among the very first umpires who were neutral in globe during the Pakistan against West Indies series in 1986 as well as umpiring in seven games during the 1992 World Cup.

In in addition to his umpiring talents In addition, he was widely recognized as a great human being. Sunil Gavaskar expressed his sadness over the news and in January 2021, he received an awarded Rs 75,000 from The Cricketers Foundation for his contribution in the field of Indian cricket. Piloo Reporter started his umpiring career at age of 22 when he responded to an advertisement from the Bombay Cricket Association (BCA) while employed at the Maharashtra State Electricity Board.

Who was Piloo Reporter?

Piloo Dara Reporter was born on the 24th of September 1938 and passing to rest in 2023 on the 3rd of September. was an Indian cricket umpire. He was an umpire in 14 Test matches as well as 22 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) throughout his career that spanned three decades. In particular, he was among the first umpires who were neutral in modern cricket, a fact that marked the beginning of a new era when he was the umpire for the first test match in the match between Pakistan as well as West Indies in Lahore in 1986.

The journey of Reporter began in Bombay the city the city where he was born. He started his career at the Maharashtra State Electricity Board and then responded to an advert from the Bombay Cricket Association seeking umpires. Despite his initial struggles in the tests for umpires but he persevered until he became an umpire for the cricket circuit in India. He was the umpire for his very first national Ranji Trophy match at the age of 29.

In 1984 the year the umpire made his international debut in 1984, overseeing Test matches as well as ODIs from 1984 until 1994. The first test match he played as umpire took place in 1984 in Delhi with India and England and his final Test also involved the two teams, played at Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1993. Journalist and VK Ramaswamy set the standard in 1986 when they became an umpire who was neutral in India in an international Test game in the match between Pakistan as well as West Indies in Lahore. This was the first time that there were neutral umpires for Test cricket after 1912. The appointment was made following accusations of bias from Pakistani umpires. They were invited by Pakistani captain, Imran Khan.

Piloo Reporter was only Indian umpire in the 1991 Cricket World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand. Piloo Reporter, belonging to the Parsi community was known affectionately by the name “PD” in the cricketing world. His unique method of indicating boundaries was often known as”the “Milkshake” by cricket commentator Henry Blofeld. In 2004, Reporter published his autobiography entitled “An Umpire Remembers.” The year 1993 was the time that Reporter reported to have been paid to provide his opinion on the field before the start of a match in Calcutta and allegedly involved the bookie Mukesh Gupta.

Full NamePiloo Dara Reporter
Birth Date25 September 1938
Birth PlaceBombay, Bombay Province, British India
Died3 September 2023
SisterMadhumati (Actress)
ChildrenFarzana Warden and Khushnuma Daruwalla

What Happened to Piloo Reporter? How Did Piloo Reporter Die?

Umpires for cricket Piloo Reporter sadly passed away on the 3rd of September 2023. The exact cause of his death was not officially announced. Reporter was a successful track record as an umpire conducting numerous Test matches and ODIs for more than three decades. Reporter is most well-known for his work being one of the first umpires who were neutral in modern cricket, during a famous Test match in 1986.

His contribution to the game and his positive personality earned him the respect of this cricket community. Cricket fans mourn the loss of his friend and his impact on this sport will always be kept in mind.

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