Paulette Bethel Obituary: What Happened To Paulette Bethel?

Paulette Bethel’s Obituary – Explore the obituary for Paulette Bethel who tragically died in Cocoa Beach after a two-year fight with leukemia. Learn the details of her tragic death and the legacy that she has left behind.

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Who was Paulette Bethel?

Paulette Bethel is a remarkable person who was both a world-class artist and athlete. She was well-known for her outstanding talent as a Bodybuilder. She won numerous state and region titles and displayed her Karate skills with a black belt at the national level. Paulette also made an impact on the art world, creating stunning artwork with her partner Keith Smith.

Her innovative StreetDance routines and charismatic teaching style won her a loyal following in cities like New York, Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles. Paulette’s impact extended beyond her achievements, touching many lives through her workshops.

Paulette Bethel Obituary

We announce with deep sorrow the death of Paulette Bethel. She was a beloved individual who left an indelible mark in the worlds of art, sports and dance. After a valiant, unwavering fight against leukemia in Cocoa Beach Florida, Paulette left this world peacefully.

Her departure has left a void that is felt deeply by her family, especially her brother David, her sister-in law Carol, as well as her nieces, nephews, and cousins Damon and Katie, Demian and Noelle and George. Surfside Playhouse, Cocoa Beach, has organized a commemorative celebration on July 7, 20,23 to recognize Paulette’s extraordinary contributions.

Paulette’s inspiring journey, filled with athletic victories, artistic pursuits and transformative teachings, will be forever etched in those who were fortunate enough to know her. We wish her spirit to continue to inspire and guide us all.

What happened to Paulette Bethel?

Paulette Bethel, who died in 2007, fought valiantly against leukemia over two years. The disease eventually took its toll despite her resilience and strength. Paulette showed incredible courage and determination throughout her illness. She never let her spirit waver.

She faced challenges with unwavering determination, supported by her family, friends and communities. Paulette’s legacy is a testament of her indomitable will and the impact that she had in sports, dance, and art.

Paulette Bethel Has Passed Away

Paulette Bethel was an extraordinary athlete and artist who passed away at Cocoa Beach in Florida after a two-year courageous battle with leukemia. Paulette Bethel, an exceptional athlete and artist, has passed away in Cocoa Beach after a courageous two-year battle with leukemia.

Paulette’s brother David, sister in law Carol, nieces and nephews Damon and Katie, Demian and Noelle and George, along with the Surfside Playhouse where she made significant contributions will cherish her memory. Paulette will be remembered with a celebration of her life and achievements on July 7, 2023. This will ensure that Paulette is forever remembered as an accomplished athlete, gifted artist and dedicated teacher.

How Did Paulette Bethel Die?

Paulette Bethel died after a two-year courageous battle with leukemia. This devastating disease slowly weakened her health. Paulette displayed remarkable strength and courage throughout her journey. She faced the challenges with grace, and inspired those around her. The illness took a toll on her despite her unwavering spirits.

Paulette’s death has left a void in her family and friends as well as the communities that she touched. Her legacy as a gifted athlete, artist and teacher will shine brightly for generations to come.

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