Obituary Kelly Galloway {July} Must Read!

Obituary Kelly Galloway

Learn all the details consolidated in this article on The funeral Kelly Galloway. Learn more about his professional and personal life.

Did you have any idea whom Kelly was? Did you know that his death occurred? What is the reason why news of his funeral being discussed across the United States for the recent months? What caused his death? Are you interested in knowing more details about his private as well as professional activities? What time was his funeral held? What was the date of his last visitation ceremony?

We’ll check out the latest news regarding the funeral of Kelly Galloway.

About Kelly’s Obituary:

This was on Sunday 26th of February , 2017, at the time Kelly returned to his home. He was having a normal day. However, Kelly passed away on the same day. Therefore, his loved ones and family were devastated to hear about his passing. Funeral services were held on Friday, March 3rd of March , 2017 at 3:00 pm.

The exact cause of the death of the man is unclear. The doctors have confirmed it to be a an untimely death. It was confirmed as sudden death. Funeral Home along with Crematory was the funeral home that provided the services. Kelly’s final resting spot is located at Olive Branch Cemetery, 2 Chapel J M Williams Avenue Portsmouth, Virginia 23701. The specifics of the funeral ceremony aren’t known.

Timingline for Funeral Kelly Galloway :

The loved ones were visited by relatives and friends on Thursday, March 2, of March 2017 in the funeral residence from 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the time of his last visitation.

His funeral took place on the 3rd of March 2017 at 3:00 pm in the Sturtevant Funeral Home, Portsmouth Boulevard Chapel.

The cause of Kelly’s death:

Kelly suffered from cancer and been fighting it for quite a while. The 26th of February 2017 it was a normal morning for Kelly. After returning home, he died quickly. The doctors didn’t mention any particular reason (or) medical conditions that could be that could be the cause of his death, even after his funeral Kelly Galloway.

Life in the private:

The full title was Richard Kelly. He was a devoted Christian and was a lover of the Lord as well as life. His wife Vicky Galloway, who completed 41 years ago and his brother John and sisters Joane and Janice Mother – Janice and sons – Parker and Jason and grandsons and great-grandchildren Eliza as well as Devin.

His wife paid him tribute on, stating that she had lost a friend and could not share her heart. She also said that she went through an awful year, and was unsure how she would ever feel normal again following the the funeral of Kelly Galloway. She is missing his funny jokes and his smile.

Professional life

Kelly served as health supervisor in 2007-2013, and continued to offer his services to the health industry until his final breath. Kelly obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Old Dominion University and Mercy G. from the University of Colorado.


To the present, Kelly’s family and friends are still baffled that he died. Because of his sudden death everybody is eager to learn about the cause of his demise. Even health authorities were not concerned regarding the cause of his death. Kelly was aged 64 when he died.

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