Mystic Meg Husband: Who Is Mystic Meg Husband?

Mystic Meg Also known also as Margaret Anne Lake, was not married according to various media reports, suggesting that she was single throughout her entire life.

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Who is Mystic Meg?

Margaret Anne Lake, born on July 27 1942, commonly called Mystic Meg was a well-known English Astrologer. Her name gained a lot of attention due to her astrology columns that appeared regularly in popular publications like The Sun and the News of the World. Alongside her writing work, she also hosted the show Mystic Meg’s Wheel of Destiny for Sun Bingo and further increased her reach in the media.

It was however her role as anchor on the National Lottery draw’s inaugural broadcast in 1994 that brought her to greater acclaim. In addition to her appearances on television, Mystic Meg’s image became associated with books on astrology posters, books, and other products, establishing her position as a prominent figure within the field. Unfortunately, Margaret Anne Lake passed on the 9th of March 2023.

Mystic Meg Husband

According to a variety of media source, Mystic Meg, also called Margaret Lake, was never married and had not any engagements. According to reports, she was involved in an affair in a relationship with Nigel Moores, who tragically passed away in a crash which occurred in France in 1977, at 39.

Following the death of Nigel Meg’s agent confirmed that she didn’t have a romantic relationship with anyone else. Reports about Meg depict her as a quiet individual with the appearance of a quiet existence. The story was frequently mentioned that Meg was an isolated person who found the companionship of her crystal ball as well as the presence 7 cats. This lonely lifestyle was a contributing factor to the mystery that surrounded her character.

Was Margaret Anne Lake Married?

There is no information publicly available which suggests the possibility that Margaret Anne Lake, also called Mystic Meg was married. Her fame was due to her work as an astrologer and writer of horoscopes and was awe-inspiring to people with her predictions as well as her mysterious persona.

Although she was in a significant connection and a close friendship with Nigel Moores, who sadly died in 1977, there’s no evidence to suggest that she was married. Meg was frequently described as a quiet person living a secluded life and finding comfort with her crystal balls and in the presence of the seven felines. The specifics of her personal life, including potential marriages, aren’t disclosed.

Mystic Meg Bio

NameMystic Meg
BornMargaret Anne Lake
Birth Date27 July 1942
Birth PlaceAccrington, Lancashire, England
Died9 March 2023 (aged 80)
Place of DeathPaddington, London, England
EducationUniversity of Leeds
Occupation(s)Astrologer for television and newspaper owner of racehorse, breeder

Mystic Meg Age

Margaret Anne Lake, famously called Mystic Meg was born on July 27 1942 at Accrington, Lancashire, England and was around 80 years old at the time of her death. Her fame grew as an astrologer, and was known as a household name in her field. For a long time she was awe-inspiring to audiences through her astrology column that appeared in a variety of magazines, including The Sun and the News of the World.

Her knowledge and expertise led her to become a reputable persona in the field of Astrology. Tragically, she died at the age of 83 on February 9, 2023 aged 80. She leaves her a legacy of astrological wisdom and a loyal following. Her contribution to the field in astrology are cherished by her admirers and fellow aficionados alike.

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